Sunday, 14 August 2011

Bit Of A Holiday Write Up

Might be a bit late, but here is a bit of a write up of my holiday. Originally I had planned to keep a journal over the week, but I did find myself pretty busy, and when I wasn't busy, I was half dead. Very not up to writing. 

Things didn't get off to an amazing start, but like Jesse said, holidays always start and end stressfully, it's the bit in the middle that has to be good. And like I said, nothing makes you need a holiday than going on one. My jeans ripped just before we left, when everything else was packed, and like I said before, I have very few clothes, in fact I only have 2 pairs of trousers now, there's a rip in my other pair, and it's covered in cat hair which refuses to come off. My sister was nice enough to get my jeans repaired, and now they are holding together alright, they haven't broken again at least. I do plan to get some more clothes now I have some more money, plus I'm going to a wedding next month so I REALLY need new clothes.

When we did manage to get going, we had to pick up the aforementioned sister on the way there, and when we got to her street, we went down, then all of a sudden CRASH. The giant minibus we were in (I can't really say a nice thing about that machine) had managed to take out a wing mirror on a car. Fair enough, it was partly the cars fault, because that was the only car we hit despite hitting several, but still, it's never good to hit a car. 

I did a lot of walking while we were away, so much so that my body is still sore from it, I went to bed with sore feet, and woke up with sore feet. I think it was mostly the shoes though, because I wasn't sweating much, I wasn't under much exertion, and I seem to have somehow gained weight despite thinking I was watching what I eat. When you're trying desperately to lose weight, it really, really, sucks to think "Damn, I must have lost a lot of weight" and then realise that you gained weight. Anyway, that's maybe something else for some other time.

One thing I attempted to do on holiday was get drunk, which is possibly where some of the weight gain came in. Let me just say this now, I did not get drunk, I drank more than my sister's boyfriend and my brother (sis wasn't drinking) and they got pretty drunk, but nah, I was fine after a few minutes. It was a placebo effect, I told myself I could let go, it was the booze that was doing it to me, but even then I didn't fully let go, I still thought too much, so I wasn't drunk. One day I drank 4 shots and a glass of wine, which should have put me on the floor, and the day before that, I drank 2 shots, a glass of wine, a pint of cider, and two bottles of alcopops (essentially pretty weak beer, having 1 unit a bottle and being 4% but they taste nice) which definitely should have put me on the floor, but after some slight movement troubles, I was fine, and didn't even have any kind of a hangover. So if you want to get me drunk, be prepared to be spending a lot of money.

I went on holiday with £50 a day, fully intending to kick back and have some fun and spend a lot of it, but I'm back from holiday with £100 still in the bank, and £20 in my wallet, which is where the money for clothes might be coming from. I'm also considering giving it to my dad, in fact I've already promised it to him lol, but my first paycheck from Google is due soon. I've read the rules, I'm allowed to tell you I earn money and even how much, so Google, if yall read this, don't ban me for that, it shouldn't be against the rules. Pweese? And even though it is less than I have left over from holiday, it is enough for some clothes.

I got a bit sick one day, and I lost a lot of sleep, still not sure why, and even more unexplainable I have two bruises on my left arm, and I really have no idea how they got there. But they are very tiny, and not really pronounced, they'll be gone in a few days or so. But I did still manage to have a lot of fun, I saw a magician (I LOVE magic) and I got a few glowsticks, a bubble gun, and saw someone do the Time Warp in the dark using glow sticks, this being a dream of mine somehow. All of which leads to the conclusion of I'm seriously gay. I'm so gay there's a flux of straightness in my vicinity. I'm not actually that gay lol.

One final bit of "Awwww f**k" came on the way home, when the woman we hired our caravan from called us and said that it was in a pretty dirty state. I left that caravan thinking it was pretty clean. I even hoovered the beds! I kind of wish I had said to her "Look, if it's going to take you an hour to clean it up, I suggest you put the phone down, and start cleaning, call back in an hour, I still won't care then. We're leaving with a lot less money than we had, and you have a lot more, you still have what we gave you. We left that place pretty clean, if you think it's untidy, fine, clean up, but don't act like it's the end of the world". Sadly I didn't get to talk to her.

One slightly fun thing that happened on the last day is that I was left behind about 3-6 times. I think my family were trying to tell me something lol. I would be doing something, look around, and they were gone. The first time it happened was when I stopped to buy Jesse a present, but that was okay cos I did it voluntarily, my sister pointed out the general direction I could find her, and I did manage to find her at a sweet shop eventually. I bought myself a big ass Toblerone, which I took a picture of, that doesn't do it justice, it's massive, and while I was buying that, off she disappeared lol. I couldn't find her, so just went back to where we first went into the market, and tried to call her, but my dad called me, said he'd found her, and asked where I was, and we eventually got back together. Later on at the amusement park I bought something from the gift shop, which ended up being defective, and I went into the shop to get it replaced (It was replaced with something that worked for a few minutes then died -_-) I'm pretty sure I told someone I was going back in, I went in on their suggestion anyway. I turn around, they're gone. I couldn't find them, but I knew my dad and sister had separated, and knew where to find her, so went on a quick trek to her. Then after that at the amusements, we were watching my sister's boyfriend and my brother play pool, and I went off to play a game, and I looked up, and they weren't gone yet, but they were leaving, I'm kind of lucky I died not long after that and I was able to catch them up. I can think of three instances of it happening but I'm kinda sure it happened more.

Other than a little baby getting sick I think that might be about it.

The Toblerone, resting on my foot (I'm pretty sure that's all my foot, I'm a shoe size 11)


  1. I know your trouble about bad start and bad ending of holidays, had same this year in airport/airplane. To get there we were in an airplane with screaming kids, and there was some really fat guy next to me so I could barely sit, and on the end, our flight got delayed and again screaming kids.

  2. @HeadAche01 I've only been on a plane once, twice if you count the return journey, and it wasn't too bad actually. That was one of those rare occasions where the start and the end of the holiday were the best bits, rather than the holiday itself, which was a skiing trip to Italy with school, which I'll probably end up writing about. Italy was gorgeous though, absolutely amazing.

  3. I think with all types of holidays the best parts will always be the middle of the holiday. This is where we get time to settle in and feel comfortable with our surroundings. Great post, open the eyes. (Y)

  4. I always try to get drunk, too. xD

  5. I can see the toblerone but i can't see the foot.

  6. Ack, well, let's hope that the next one will be better?

  7. @DWeiI'm not sure when the next one will be. My sister is pregnant now and my dad thinks she won't take a few months old baby on holiday, as she took a one month old baby a few years ago, and it didn't go so well. Though me and a friend do have plans to holiday together, and if that goes ahead, it should be awesome.

  8. I don't go on holiday for another week. Can't wait, but I already know that this week is going to drag.

    Sucks that you didn't have as good a time as you thought you would, but still some good experiences... right? xD

  9. @SoreLosersGaming Haha good luck surviving this week. My week before didn't drag on, my holiday practically snuck up on me. I did manage to have quite a bit of fun, I was just in some pain :)

  10. Damn I wanted a toblerone. To me Holidays end stressful because you think about how much you spent, think about working again, think about the long trip and other worries. I always escape those stress by being positive.

  11. Magic is dabest. And I also have clothes that have irremovable cat hair -- wtf is up with that.

  12. @Cheshire I'm not too sure, what's worse is they were brand new. He ruined a brand new pair of trousers some how O_O Magic is very kickass though. And thanks for checking out a random old post.


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