Tuesday, 5 July 2011

That RAW review in full

Well the show started slightly different to what I expected, I was expecting Vince McMahon to be out first, but it was John Cena first. I can't be totally surprised though I guess. I can't believe I'm saying this, but John Cena, I do respect what you did there. He himself went into a tirade on CM Punk's suspension, in favour of CM Punk. He even mentioned the point that Daniel Bryan, now one of the most famous guys, was fired for being too agressive once, and he even said that at times, signs are confiscated from the fans, I didn't know that. It's nice to see Cena use his powers for good, not evil. I might even find myself cheering for him if he does good. This also does make me kind of tempted to skip straight to that point lol. John Cena also made the point that he wants to face Punk when he was supposed to, which is something he had pointed out in an interview, he thought that Punk would still be allowed that match.

Next came the diva's match, and I'll point this out now, I tend to skip them. It's probably weird that I skip hot women in tight revealing clothing grabbing eachother, and I don't skip half naked oiled men grabbing eachother. Normally I wouldn't mention it, but after this came a promo about Andy Leavine, the guy who won Tough Enough, and I wanted him to win, and I was happy he won, and now I want to see him, I hope he makes an appearance soon, but I do realise that his training has only just really begun, and he needs some more before he can get in that ring.

After that there was a promo with R-Truth, and Alberto Del Rio, I'm getting kinda tired of R-Truth's craziness. He's just too unhinged, it seems either real, or pathetic, and if it was either, he needs actual medical attention lol.

A match with Santino Marella? How can I be disappointed, I love that little guy. I wish that they'd allow him to be more serious, but as long as he's winning matches like he should be I'm happy. CM Punk was serious, and was winning matches, but look at what happened to him. It was a tag match with Vladmir Koslov, who I also like, shame he's not actually Russian, against the tag team champions, David Otunga and Michael Mcgilicutty (thank you WWE.com for how to spell that). Santino may be made out to be a joker, but he does look good when he does it, I love it when he does the splits, and even the Cobra, but I'm yet to learn just how a move like that can be so effective. I'm aware that if you hit someone in the right places, you can incapacitate them, but I just have trouble believing that could happen in the WWE. Good match overall, but now Zack Ryder has come out onto the show, even though he only said his catchphrase, that might have been my favourite part of the match lol. I like Ryder too, I even watched Superstars just to see him. It'll be nice if he does make more appearances on RAW, he is part of the RAW lineup.

Now we gots another promo this time with The Miz, I'll admit he looks good, and I do like to see him wrestle. I'll say it's a shame he hasn't beaten Alex Riley. I'd say I don't see why not, but I can, this is the WWE lol. We've also got a promo with Evan Bourne, a guy I can't say enough good things about, Sgt. Slaughter, one of the old guys, and Jack Swagger, a guy who I can't say enough bad things about, but I can see why Americans like him. Seeing Slaughter in a lot of promos lately makes me wish I had seen him in his prime, in the ring, I loved it when he said Swagger's parents made a mistake when they made him, and it seems I'll get to watch him in the ring at least, as he agreed to a match with Swagger.

I guess the main reason this match, Swagger vs Slaughter, came about mostly because it was the 4th of July. I'll just quickly say hope you all had a good one folks, and I hope you enjoyed it. It was a short match, and it is a shame that I didn't get to see Slaughter do much, and now I get to skip past Swagger doing the pledge of allegiance, if Bourne doesn't knock him out first. He didn't knock him out, just made him run off, and I don't mind listening to Slaughter do the plege, he has a good voice...well better than Swaggers at least.

Now we got the match between Del Rio, Truth, and Mysterio for the number 1 contender spot, and I gotta say, it's a shame that Vince hasn't come into the place yet, or that Cena isn't doing anything to stop this match, but there's still time. I reckon that at least one of them will turn up maybe at the end of the match, or maybe they're just saving it as something great to go out on. I also just learnt that Rey Mysterio is Mexican (yes I'm aware there's no such language, I forget what they speak there, or maybe it is) for King of Mysteries. Cheers for that Lawler, as long as it's true lol. I know that Sin Cara means Faceless though. I was going to wait until after the match to talk about it, because if I don't it just sounds like commentary, but I did just see a sign that says "Cena turn heel". For those not in the know, there are two kinds of wrestlers, well, 3 if you count tweeners. Faces, the good guys, and Heels, the bad guys. Tweeners are either people who are loved despite resorted to underhanded tactis eveery so often, a good example was Randy Orton, who despite being a heel at first, was slowly cheered because of his bad deeds lol. He can now probably be classed oiffically as a Face, he's a lot less mean, and has lost a lot of his charm and wonder these days because of it. Everyone thinks John Cena will never get a heel turn, as much as some might want it, because of how much money he makes for the WWE, which is one of the reasons he gets everything. To most people he IS the WWE. Anyway, I just thought it was a nice thing to see. As I was writing that, the match finished with Alberto Del Rio winning. It was a good match overall, but it always is when Mysterio is there. In case you haven't worked out, I love the high flyers lol, especially Sin Cara and Evan Bourne. There were some great moments in that match, like when Mysterio dived on Truth from the top rope when Del Rio had him ready for a suplex, and took everyone out, stuff like that looks beautiful. There seemed to be some technical difficulties there, but the last "technical difficulties" were McMahons handy work, but this time it might have been genuine I guess lol. Back to the match, it was good overall, with some great moments, so I'll count it as a pretty good match, but I would like to see more varity from the WWE...wait, variety from those guys, what was I thinking. Every week it's the same people in the same match.

Now we have ourselves Dolph Ziggler, with birthday cakes for America...Awww it turns out that it isn't also Dolph Zigglers birthday, but you'll have to excuse me, no pun intended with Vicky there, but I don't really have anything to say about what's about to happen. Vicky singing happy birthday, I'm still traumatised from when she sang it to the Rock. At least Dolph is pretty good on the mic, Vicky is good on it too I guess, but I don't really like to hear her screechy voice. I would say she's a wasted talent, but they really do use her pretty well. She did once quit though because she was sick of the stuff the WWE universe said to her, poor girl :( Damn I broke the fourth wall, do I get suspended like Punk did? Now we have ourselves Kofi Kingston, who also rocks the mic. A thing I like about him is that he used to be billed from Jamacia, until one of the ring announcers accidently said that he was from Africa, so they did have to admit that he was actually from there. I'm still not too sure of the story. I thought he was born in Africa, but raised in Jamacia, now it turns out he spent a lot of his life in America, so who knows. Maybe he did just train in Jamacia, but either way, Vicky doesn't look half bad covered in cake. It does feel like a waste of cake though :(

Now for the Miz and Riley match. Sadly this is going to be hampered because I was eating my dinner while the match was going on, which as well as meaning I couldn't write while I watched, meant that I wasn't paying too much attention to it. Riley may have won the match, again a disappointing result for me, but he sure payed for it. That assault afterwards was very fun to watch, all except for The Miz's look of sorrow. Still, Vince just showed up, so I'm now going to be watching that, I doubt I'll write while watching, this deserves my full attention.

Vince badmouthing Punk? I'm pretty sure they agreed to not bad mouth eachother. Time for Cena. BTW It's fun that I believed everything Punk said, but nothing Vince said. Holy cow, that was amazing. Punk was better last week, but that was still really good. Punk has been reinstated thanks to John Cena, which is actually the outcome most people expected, but John Cena seemed to actually quit at one point. Handing the title back to Vince and saying that if he really fired Punk out of fear that he would take away the reputation of the belt, and what it stands for, then he (Vince) had already done it himself, and it wasn't what he signed up for. Vince can say that Cena is just like Shawn Micheals, Hulk Hogan, and Stone Cold, that he took them out and he can take Cena out, that Cena is replacable, but let's face it, he isn't. Without Cena, Vince would be screwed. Cena wasn't exxagerating for a second when he said that he busts his ass for that company, as far as I know Cena is the person who has granted the most wishes (he's certainly the most requested wrestler) for the Make A Wish foundation. He supports the troops, he loves the fans, even the ones that don't love him back, and he'd do pretty much anything for them. If they don't find someone to replace Cena by the time he's gone, then WWE is screwed, if it's still going then that is lol.

Vince says that Cena is easily replacable, but he's got no proof, and he also has no one to replace him with. Even though this was the outcome I expected, I certainly will admit it isn't how I thought it would come about at all. Vince has managed to alienate himself from a lot of fans, he's managed to piss everyone off, even Cena. Cena has managed to earn a lot more love, and if it ever came down to Cena or Vince, I know that the fans, even the ones who hate Cena, would probably stand behind him.

 Still, with Vince saying that if Punk wins in two weeks at MITB, Cena is fired, I guess it just proves that Cena is going to win lol. He's been fired before, when he didn't do what the Nexus told him, but that was scripted, if this is scripted, then I don't see any way for Cena to come back if Punk wins. I think in the Nexus scenario, Wade Barret, the leader of the Nexus, said he wanted John back after he assaulted the rest of the Nexus, and he wanted to punish him for it. It's not like Punk can request Cena back if he wins, and it's not like anyone would listen to him if he could. The next few weeks are going to be pretty interesting for the WWE, well, for RAW at least.

Did you watch the show? What was your thoughts? By the way, I wrote this as I was watching it, and it's the first time I've reviewed something like that, I was afraid of it sounding too much like commentary. I'll get better at this kind of thing the more I do, plus I was, and still am, very tired. If you know someone who likes wrestling yourself, then please, do pass on the link, I'd like their feedback, and maybe I can get more readers that way ^^ Man I'm such a whore sometimes. Especially on weekends.


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