Saturday, 9 July 2011


I often get random thoughts that I just can't stretch into a blog post, or can't fit into a post about something else, such as all my inspirational quotes and what not, if I get one of these thoughts, and it amuses me, then I'll stick it in the little text box I've now made.

Damn this blog just keeps getting more cluttered....-_- at least I've now learnt how to split blog posts so that I can make them take up less room, so that to see all of a long blog post, you just click a button. I'd seen it on other blogs but didn't know how to do it myself. Shame I don't really have the energy to go back and do it to all my posts, but if I know me, and I don't, then I'll go back and do them all lol. Well, all the ones currently on the front page at least, no need to go crazy.

So yes, as well as now being able to spam my inbox with email, you can now also get a little look into the jumbled mess that is my mind. Look forward to it, I mean, I wouldn't if I was you, but I'm not you, I'm me. As much as the world might be sad at that thought.


  1. a blog seems perfect for this random thoughts you have. Just share them with us, i enjoy reading!

  2. I know what you mean. At first I didn't know how to distinguish post from post topic wise, then I developed a little title system such as TV: Title, Movie: Title, or Other: Title to make more sense of things.


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