Sunday, 3 July 2011

Organ Donation

I did find something in the news to talk about, which is this It's a story that says that now drivers are going to have to specify if they want to be an organ donor or not. It's going to be at the start of the registering process for getting a new, or replacement license.

I'm kind of for this and I'm kind of against it. On the one hand, awesome, it will increase organ donation, and to the people who are organ donors, I say thanks, and good job kind sir/madam. Have a drink on me...wait don't actually, people might need that liver. Was that a joke in poor taste? Possibly.

It seems that they did try this in Illinois in America. Whoa it's not often I actually say something for the benefit of my non-American readers, but now the UK is the top of my viewers list again, I have to play to the crowds. Anyway, it did cause an increase in organ donation, so it does seem to be a success. It's also a much MUCH better scheme than assumed consent. Which is where you have to opt out, you don't get to opt in, you just have to opt out. Anyone's who's ever assumed anything will tell you that it's a bad idea to assume lol. It'd be fun to stand in front of a judge and say "Well, you see, she didn't say yes, sure, but she also didn't say no. I assumed consent. Awwwww yeahhhhhhhhhhh". Alright, that's an incredibly far fetched idea that probably would never happen, but hey, you have to be extreme to get heard.

I personally don't want to be an organ donor. Call me old fashioned, but when I die, I want to be buried, in one piece, in an awesome suit, and flame decals on the coffin so I can "Ride into Hell in style". While I would give my organs to a family member, or someone I really cared about, probably, I wouldn't want them going to a stranger, and when I'm dead, if you want my organs ask me nicely while I'm still alive.

Anyway, one last time, if you have signed up to be an organ donor, well done, thank you, and I hope you never have to actually be one. But hey, with the advances on stem cell research these days, we won't need organ donors, as they can just grow organs, and then I can begin some of my operations.

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