Friday, 8 July 2011

Newsity news

A bit more of my looks at some of the news. Note that I tend not to deal with major news stories, I'm offering my views on the news, if I don't have a view, I won't handle that story. That said, enjoy!

I read in the news yesterday, but only wrote about it today, because I was too tired, that a play has been pulled for being too gay. I don't mean it was bad, I mean it was about gay people, and was pulled. I find it astonishing that in the world we live in today that a play would be pulled because it had gay characters, coming to terms with their homosexuality. The guy who made it was the same guy behind Billy Elliot, and he had actually taken some things out of the script in an attempt to negotiate, but they weren't havig it. It had primary school pupils involved, and the main reason it seems it was pulled was because the school pulled these pupils out, saying it was too offensive for them. I can agree a bit I guess with say 4 year olds, but these kids were up to 11 years old as well. When I was in primary school, I'm not sure which year, we did have a gay kid in our class, and a gay guy I know says that he knew he was gay from the start, I think it would have been a wonderful experience for these kids to learn a thing or two about gay people, and to tolerate them and realize that there's nothing really wrong with them. One of the reasons the kids were pulled was because there was homophobic name calling as well, but really, you do have to expose your kids to this stuff, you have to let them know what is and isn't acceptable. You can't just say to your kids "You have to love gay people" you have to explain why, although, from the looks of this story, it seems most people probably aren't even saying that to their kids. UPDATE: For once some good news, the show is now going ahead, because the writer agreed to change the word "Queer" to "Gay". He says he would have done this ages ago if they'd have just asked, so remember folks, always ask!

What has been in the news today however, is that there have been some more strikes, this time by the BBC over "compulsory redundancies", I'd probably know more about this if I read the full story, but like I said, I'm tired. It seems that with the cuts in their funding the BBC have had to cut jobs. A lot of jobs, and people aren't happy with that. They even tried to lower the amount of compulsory redundancies by offering people voluntary redundancy...a prospect which itself seems redundant. If you do that, you still aren't lowering the amount of people lost, you're just offering them the chance to walk out, rather than be thrown out. Some people would take that choice sure, but only if it was that choice, not a lot of people are going to willingly make themselves jobless. The other strike is by a college in Leeds (which is a place in England, though I think America has one too) over job losses, pay cuts, and higher working hours. That's right folks, you heard me, more work, for less pay. I can totally understand why these people are striking, and totally support it. The more people strike, the more likely they are to riot, then we can get ourselves a good old fashioned revolution lol. I was kind of disappointed the massive strikes last week didn't turn into riots like the student ones did. They were over 100,000 strong, potentially over half a million, they could have easily taken anyone who got in their way.

Finally in the news for today Ed Milliband has won his proposals to change how his shadow cabinet works, now he has the chance to just pick who he wants, rather than have them all have elections, which takes time and focus away from the public, and just causes in-fighting. It's not gone through just yet, he needs to wait until the next party conference in a few weeks for it to be totally decided, but this is a good step for him, it proves his party is behind him, and do think he comes up with some good ideas, and it is also changing the face of Labour, which in my mind, makes them more electable, but I'd probably try and support Milliband through everything. I'm still waiting for the day he has a duel at ten paces with Cameron though. Knowing Cameron he'd just get Clegg to do it though, then shoot Milliband when he wasn't looking. Wonder how long it's going to take the SWAT vans to come for me for that.

Apparantly a footballer from the UK Olympic team from 1960 says that our high class players, like the people in the premier league would do badly because they lack passion...funny, I thought that it was because they lacked skill. While I'm not a major football fan, I do think that our teams major problems are not a lack of passion, or skill, but a lack of teamwork. We have some nice players with good skills, but they don't meld together as a team well. If we fixed that problem, maybe we wouldn't be so bad at international football...aww who am I trying to kid, we just plain suck.

A group of MP's has said that fuel duty (basically a tax on petrol as far as I know) should go towards cutting the costs of public transport, showing that these "green taxes" are going to help make things greener, and it would encourage people to use public transport. I have to agree with this one actually, I think public transport costs are way too high, especially train fares. I can't believe I'm saying this, but I actually want an environmental thing to go through. Don't get me wrong, I love the environment, and think that we should do more to preserve our beautiful Earth, but I don't like "green taxes" I don't like it when a genuine problem that needs to be addressed is used to just raise more money for the government, I probably wouldn't care so much if it went on green initiatives like this. While they're at it they should do something about fixing up the condition of public transport, but I imagine that's a job for the owners of said transport, not the Government, although I think that some train companies are nationalised, as in the Government owns them.

I also saw something wonderful, someone hacked into Fox News' Twitter account, and announced that Obama had been assassinated after being shot twice, then they made a post wishing Biden the best of luck in being the President. I don't know if the reason I can laugh at this is cos I'm English and not American, but I find it hilarious. Plus I'm not a big fan of social whatchacallits. I got a Myspace and Facebook cos someone told me to, and I don't use Myspace anymore, and only really use Facebook to link to my blog, and talk to my best friend. Still, it's not like this is the first time Fox News have lied lol.

I did get the Obama news story from someone elses blog, so my thanks to them!


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  3. What a strange world we live in

  4. Responding to the last note, I was surprised that some people actually believed that the president was assassinated.

    If he were really assassinated, that'd be all you'd see on television. I guess they didn't really consider that.


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