Wednesday, 6 July 2011

My day at the shops

Normally I probably wouldn't find something to talk about while I was out shopping, but hey, I found myself a lot to bitch about. So yeah, expect a lot of RAEG lol.

First stop, Tescos, the English wal-mart mi Americanos, and their café. At first I wanted some Lasagne, but I just missed out on getting the last serving, so I settled on a panini instead. At first I couldn't get the drink I wanted because the machine was totally out of order, so I got a slush instead. A slush that actually contained very little ice. I also didn't get a proper straw.

More bitching for those who click read more

My dad ordered fish and chips, just to learn they didn't have any peas, and they'd cook some for him, so he decided to wait. After a while, they said they had regular peas if that'd do, my dad was happy to say yes, he didn't mind either way, so they gave him that, just before I noticed them put some mushy peas out. Really I think she should have asked him if he was cool with regular peas at the start, they're just peas for God's sake. Now essentially he's just starting my dinner as I'm coming up on finishing mine.

She also got my order wrong too, she didn't put no beans on my chips. So essentially, she only gave me 2/3rds of my order, an unfrozen frozen drink, and my dad had his dinner delayed by quite a bit. I don't know what's worse, how much they continue to disatisfy us, or that we keep going there lol. Dad says it's that we keep going there.

After then it was off to Argos, with their laminated book of dreams. I was in need of an inflatable punching bag. I wanted a punching bag, and decided to get an inflatable one to save on space, I could just deflate it if I needed the space and I don't much space anyway. I bought it and got it home no problem, which was pretty cool, but that's when the trouble started. The pump is incredibly bad, I can barely to get it to work at all. At one point I actually tried to blow it up by my mouth. I'm actually getting more of a workout from putting it up than I'll probably get with it >_> If I really keep failing to get it up, I might even consider getting another pump, well, I'm considering it even if I get it up. I got an inflatable punching bag to save on space, and so I could deflate it, well, now I don't think I'll ever deflate it even if I could get it inflated.

I just wanted to bitch mostly, don't care too much about comments, or even views on this one lol


  1. Ugh ive had the same problem, i find the tescos cafe's awful. Luckily the one near me now has a costa inside :D

  2. "I really keep failing to get it up"
    that's what he said!

  3. i've had the same problem!
    +1 and following

  4. Ugh ive had the same problem, i find the tescos cafe's awful. Luckily the one near me now has a costa inside :D


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