Thursday, 14 July 2011

Morals schmorals

Morality is a strange subject for me, made even stranger by my beliefs, which I covered before, so check there if you forgot lol, but it's something I feel I could talk about for ages, or for barely any time at all, something I could cover in half a blog post, or something that might take ages to do, so let's just see how it goes.

I want to start by admitting that I can be, and usually am, a massive hypocrite. I will condemn others for doing something I would probably do myself. I honestly don't have all that many morals, and I feel that if I wanted to, if  I felt I really wanted to, I could easily break the laws of man. I don't think anyone really deserves to die, but that partly comes from my knowing that there are fates worse than death, I've suffered some of them, caused some of them too I guess, but there are people I think I could take out, times I've found myself thinking that.

I'm an English gent though, so that does make me a perfect English gentleman lol. I always hold the door open for people, even if they aren't girls actually, and I would never harm a woman, and cannot abide those that do.  I'm aware that sometimes women will beat men too, and I'm going to do my best to avoid ranting about men, I'm living proof there are some good ones out there. Seriously girls, or guys I suppose, there is such a thing as a nice guy, just like there's such a thing as a nice girl.

I also wouldn't hurt an animal, which some find strange, because I'd probably hurt a person. I tend to hold animals in a higher regard than I do people. Someone once asked me "If you were at a train track, and you heard a train coming, and saw a kitten and a baby on the tracks, the baby is nothing to you, but the kitten has been coming to you for food lately, which would you save?". I'd save the cat, even if I didn't know it, and that means I have a different way of thinking than other people apparantly lol. Don't get me wrong though, I'm nothing like PETA, God I hate them, it should stand for People Eating Tasty Animals. I don't try and force what I think on people like they do, and I actually eat and enjoy eating, meat. If we weren't supposed to eat meat we wouldn't have sharp canine teeth.

I think that might actually be it for now, I'll probably discuss it more some other time, but until then, feel free to ask me questions and what not, and if you do, check back in a few days (unless you follow me, in which case, THANKS!) to see an answer.

I'm also interested in what your answer to the question about the cat and the baby is, everyone I've asked would pick the cat, I want to know if people would actually choose the baby

That's all for now, thanks for reading!

PS: Neon, if you read this, it was a bokken (Wooden sword) a kendo stick is called a Shinai and its a bit different. All I really do right now is swing it around for exercise, I don't really have the stamina for much else, but I do intend to do a lot more with it, besides, we all have to start with the basics ^^


  1. I agree with you on the animals/humans thing. Animals have more innocence than a human ever can.

  2. I hold animals in higher regard than I hold people also. Oh, and PETA is just terrible. A while back they started a petition to call fish 'sea kittens', and started a very kid oriented website aimed at brainwashing children; it basically said, "Would you eat a fish if it was called a sea kitten?" It featured very messed up, cutesy illustrated 'fairy tales' about 'sea kittens' that were captured in nets and killed. A scare tactic to stop kids from eating fish.

    Kiss my ass, PETA. That's just not cool.

  3. I totally agree with you.

  4. i don't like PETA either, though I'm vegetarian. They use sexism in their ads to promote their cause, which isn't a good way to do it.

  5. Weird how morality seems so primal to us, yet we're separated from them through advanced consciousness... animals just try to survive, that's all they seem to be interested in.

  6. So you'd be the crap out of me, but not my guinea pig. I see how it is.

  7. Well, Kant said that the ultimate goal for humanity was that everyone was rational and had high morals. How would you live in a world were everybody didn't respect other people

  8. I can beat the crap out of anyone that can get me that mad. Usually it is a human. But I'd save the baby.

  9. I can beat the crap out of anyone that can get me that mad. Usually it is a human. But I'd save the baby.


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