Friday, 1 July 2011

Mocking the week, like the bitch that it is.

So they finally issued an actual arrest warrant for Gadaffi, maybe now we'll stop kidding ourselves about just what we're doing in Libya, but I have to say I am on the rebels side, I think we should just arm and support them, and leave them to do the job. If they succeed then we'll have a good ally in them, although we might have to look forward to their leader becoming a fashion icon, a la Che Guevara. I wonder how he feels what's happened to his image, I suppose it at least, has lived on, even if his name and cause haven't.

I'm also just left wondering when they'll issue an arrest warrant to say, David Cameron and Nick Clegg for butchering the NHS, and severely beating the education system. Not to mention defrauding an entire nation. Maybe they've already sent one to Clegg, but Cameron didn't recognise the name, or maybe they did actually send it to the Tea Boy, but Cameron wasn't sure which one it was. I think Nick Clegg to be so blustering and incompetent, that Davey won't even trust him to be his only tea boy.

Speaking of Clegg, he's been attacked by Conservatives this time, over his plans to change the way the house of Lords works, so that they are at least partly elected. I'll admit, for once I'm not sure where to stand on an issue, I just know most people are going to oppose it and attack it merely to oppose and attack Clegg, and I would be one of them. They do both make decent arguments though. Clegg's main argument is democracy, he believes that having a body of unelected officials was undemocratic, and people didn't really believe in it, to which the tories did reply heartily "Yes we do!". The main concern the opposition have is that many, if not all, the Lords, are experts in their chosen fields, and they know a lot more than the MP's do, and if they refuse to stand for election (or lose it I guess) then the Lords, and the Parliament, are robbed of very knowledgable people, and be more prone to get things wrong. Like I said, I don't know which side to stand on, when it came to AV the choice was clear, as far away from Nick Clegg as possible, but not just because he's Clegg. But because I didn't like that system. Either way, it's something we as a public probably won't get to vote for, so I guess it's not worth worrying about. I'm more worried about melting in the heat right now anyway, don't handle temperature well, either hot or cold, but especially the hot.

There's an MP in Bristol who is trying to encourage boxing as a way to bring about discipline in youngsters. Sadly they won't be beating them, no, they'll be training them how to box. Which I'm actually kinda for. The main arguments against it are that you're teaching them how to hit, which the MP responded brilliantly, that they already know how to hit. Personally I'd rather be hit by someone that knows how to anyway. The other argument is that boxing causes brain damage, but hey, if they get brain damage, then they become docile anyway, it's win win folks! I'm not a major fan of boxing, but it, and other martial arts, do encourage discipline, and that you should know when to use your fists, like Akira from the Simpsons said, "We learn Karate, so that we may never use it". Teaching them the power they have, and how destructive it can be, can't be a bad thing, at all. Plus maybe they'll also lower the guns, and knives, and settle their fights like men should, and cut down on violent crime and death.

Hmmm, seems I had less material than I thought seeing as this was only from one days worth of news. Ah well, maybe another times one will be better. For those who may be wondering, no I didn't miss the strikes, I just don't have anything funny, or bad, to say about them. I just think it's a bit of a shame Milliband didn't support them, instead just attacking both sides, which makes him no friends with anyone.

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