Saturday, 16 July 2011


Well, contrary to the title, there's only one cat, as the other one isn't nice enough to sit on me without me making him, and I'm not very likely to do that. But this is (or should be if I've done this wrong) a picture of one of my cats, called Kadie.

She was nice enough to lay down on my arm and even look up when the picture was taken lol. I prefer cats to dogs  because you don't own a cat, it chooses to live with you. It's like having a furry roomate you occasionally have to feed and clean up after. You also cannot tame a cat, you can't make it obey you. For some people, this is a downside, but for me, it's an upside, I like that they retain their independence. Sure, I love dogs too, but when it comes to cats vs dogs, I'll always pick my fluffy little guys.

If I can I'll try to get a picture of Garfield (guess what colour he is) but like I said, my only camera is my webcam, and he spends most of his time in my dads room, he spends a bit more with me lately, but always at the end of my bed. I also can't get my laptop to synch up with my dads phone, so I can't take a picture on that and send it over, already tried.

This turned into a decent length post despite me just waning to share a picture of my cat >_>


  1. Great post! It's always time for kittehs!

  2. Nice picture!

  3. Dogs worship humans, but humans worship their cats

  4. He looks pretty comfy for being a cat-muppet!

  5. I'm a dog person myself. But I don't have anything against cats.

  6. I'm a dog person myself. But I don't have anything against cats.

  7. Your cat is very cute. I have two cats and one is a very wild, independent free spirit. The other one must be half dog because he comes to you when you call him and if you tell him to stop doing something he won't just stop, he'll also look ashamed

    Amazing. x

  8. @Charlotte Gosh I wish my cats were like that. They kind of are. This one is the free spirit who hates staying indoors, and my other one will behave a little. You can sometimes get him to come to you but you can't get him to stop.


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