Sunday, 17 July 2011

Did you remember what day today is?

Today, at least for my American readers, as it's now the 17th for me, is my one month anniversary of this blog. It was a month ago today that I started. I recommend some of those old pages too, but I'd feel like too much of a whore if I linked to them lol. Who knows, maybe there's something you'd like in there somewhere.

Anyway, I actually can't drag this out for too long, so thank you for this month, and may there be many months more. Thank you all for reading, and your continued readership. I've also hit 41 followers (yay) and over 500 pageviews (yayyyyyyyyyyyy!).

This whole thing would be pointless if no one read it, as it was at first actually, so thank you one last time, for a good month, and, hopefully, for the more we're going to share.

Did you get me a present? >_>


  1. All this is just rumblings for me!
    hehe, good job, we're waiting for more!

  2. ha! youre not being pretty cynic right there, man! :P
    love this stuff!


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