Sunday, 31 July 2011

Everything I Do, I Do It For Bryan Adams

It's Sunday, and that means it's time for me to share another song with you guys. As I was feeling kinda sappy when I thought about what to post this week, I chose to post a sappy song. I think most people who know the basics of my music taste (heavy metal, rock, and all things loud) would be surprised that I'm a Bryan Adams fan, but oh well, there it is.

I was tempted to post the Stewie Griffin version recently featured on Family Guy, but nothing can compare to the magic of the original, plus Stewie didn't do the full version I think. So enjoy. It's a shame it's not the original video so you can stare at the wonder that is Bryan Adams, but like I said, that's not the full version.

Damn I think I might have to listen to more Adams now.
God damn. Seriously, Everything I Do (I Do It For You...Bryan Adams)

Saturday, 30 July 2011

Three More Things

Just your weekly dose of inspiration or thoughts to ponder today guys. Enjoy and begin bending life over the table and having your wicked way with it.

"A person who never made a mistake is a person who never tried anything new"
There are a lot of variations of this too, some of which I'll probably end up posting, but this is true in whatever form it takes. You can't be afraid to make mistakes, mistakes are how we learn, especially how we learn what not to do. Provided we do actually learn from them.

"Only by going too far can one find out how far one can go"
It is true that you don't know how far you can really go until you've passed it. If you haven't passed that line yet, then keep going, keep going until you do, and then you'll know how far to go next time, and things will go a lot easier.

"I would rather make my name, than inherit it"
This one doesn't seem too inspirational, but it is something to ponder. Look at all the people who are famous just because their parents, or someone else in their family is famous. Then ask yourself if you could do that. I would much rather make my name, and if I became famous, or at least well known, and had kids, I'd hope they would not settle for simply being my children. When I was at school I was compared a lot to my brother, it was tiresome at times. Not to mention my art teacher actually knew my parents, and he was even at their wedding, so I was also compared to my dad by that guy. But me and him didn't like eachother much anyway lol.

Well at first I was worried this would be too short, but then I got into an anecdote, which automatically doubled it's length >_> Enjoy folks!

Friday, 29 July 2011

It's Only Sexist When Men Do It

First of all, I'M NOT SEXIST! HONEST! Before I actually get to ranting, I want to share two things with you, first is a comic from the fantastic webcomic SMBC (Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal) which is the property of Zach Weiner, Zach you have a button that let's people embed comics, so I assume you'll be cool with this. The second is a video from Youtube, that I actually got from someone elses blog, it wasn't a rant about sexism they did though, so I only stole half the idea >_> (Oh the video contains a HUGE amount of swearing really, the guy is really angry, don't say I didn't warn you!) 

Now that that's out the way, I want to also say that this could offend you if you're a girl, maybe even if you aren't. Jesse I'm not sure on your views on sexism, but I intend to rant and bitch about how it's a double standard, if you, or anyone else, doesn't agree, I recommend not reading. But hey, maybe now I'll finally get some hatemail! I don't know why I want hatemail so much. Oh well. On with the ranting.
Like the comic and the video show, sexism is really a double standard. A man had his penis cut off and a talk show of women are just laughing about it. One of them did eventually say that it was a bit sexist to be laughing at it, no one would be laughing if it was a man who cut off a womans parts because she wanted a divorce (which was the reason the dude lost his man meat), in fact, a lot of people would rise up, and beat the heck out of any man that did. This was met by Sharon Osbourne (I'll leave my views on that harpy out of this, maybe another time) said that it was different, it was somehow okay that a man lost his penis but not for a woman to be hurt like that. IT IS NOT OKAY, IT IS NO DIFFERENT AT ALL. How is it different? How is it okay? The short simple answer is one I've already given, it isn't. It isn't okay, it isn't cool, and it shouldn't be cool for this to happen to a man, when no one wants it to happen to a woman.

In the video, the guy says that in Russia (though he admits he doesn't know if it's true) a woman who was robbed actually beat down the guy who did it (cool) and then locked him up and kept him as a sex slave, raping him, for 3 days (not cool). This woman now has fans all over facebook, and is regarded as a hero of the female race. She isn't, she's a violent rapist, and something should be done about her. I bet one reason no one cares is because all the feminists say that men are sex starved beasts, and it's impossible for a man to not want sex. It is. If a man had tied a woman up and raped her for 3 days, would we celebrate his victory for the male race? No, we'd be the crap out of him, make him suffer, and watch as he slowly became nothing more than a bloodstain on our boots. 

I would consider myself a feminist, I'm all for equal rights, but we've gone past equal rights now, the ball is in the womans court, they can say it isn't, but it is. A woman can do anything she wants to a man, but if a man so much as thinks it, he's a violent psycho and needs to be attacked for the monster he is. 

There are also cases where women can get away with murder if their husband is abusive. I'm not saying women deserve to get beat, God no, no one deserves that, but to get away with murder because of it? That's not justice, that's murder. Plain and simple. She might be regarded as a hero in the womens prison, but that's where she belongs. Men get beaten, men get abused by woman too, but does anyone care? Of course not. They're men, let's remember they're nothing but sex mad beasts. 

Like I said, I'm all for women's rights, I'm all for equal pay and opportunities, I'm all for women getting what they deserve, what I'm against is stuff like this, double standards, hypocrisy, things that do the women's cause a lot more harm than good. It's fine to want to give women rights, but don't forget men have them too. We men have learnt from the past, not all of us want to put a woman down, don't treat us like we do. There are good men out there, some would consider me living proof.
Well, they would until they read this >_> 

Thursday, 28 July 2011

More reactions

These are some more reaction comments, I know it might seem kind of late, but better late than never, and maybe by the time this publishes I'll have other comments to add to it to react to. Anyway, on with the show.

From  my post about going back to college, or maybe not.

Gryt said...

Wow, I can't imagine trying to go to college at 16. I hope you figure out what you're doing and that if college is the way to go, it works out this time.

With school ending at 16 and college not being free from 21, most people go at sixteen to try and get all of it out the way as early as they can. If you can all the work in and done, it's enough time to get enough courses down to see you do well.

Nobel Sloth said...

Come on, you can't really waste a whole year. There are much more interesting and cool things than going to school or working ;).

I really did waste a year, perhaps more. After that year I started volunteer work because I had never had a job before, and here I am now. There are a lot of things to do besides work and school yeah, but I was in a state of serious depression back then, I didn't have much of a mind for anything like that. Now that I do, it's probably time to start living in the real world lol.

Internet Catch Of The Day said...

you didn't waste a year at all, you spent that year learning what you didn't want to do, which in my
opinion is not a waste of time at all

Thank you for that :) It sounds like something I'd say to console someone. If I remembered more from those days, I'd probably be inclined to agree with you lol, but you're right, I did learn from my mistakes, which makes them not wasted. 

Thanks for all the messages of support too, to all the people I didn't respond to :) It'd be so much easier if this thing just allowed you to respond to peoples comments -_- anyone who has a way of how to do that let me know!

Okay one post down two to go, this is going to get long isn't it? This next batch is from my recent rant about gays on TV. 

Generally Disgruntled said...

The scale of things people make a big deal out of, from biggest deal to least: Underage Homosexuals > Homosexuals > Underage Heterosexual Sex > Heterosexual sex > Implied Homosexuality > Implied Heterosexual sex acts > Drug Use > Alcohol abuse > Racism > Sexism > Violence. At least that's on American TV. I'm pretty sure that if they actually showed two dudes bumping uglies on television, half of America would spontaneously combust
Also, Everyone knows that gays are just a myth. Like Bigfoot, or the Yeti. In fact, I think my cousin's, girlfriend's, Aunt's, Co-worker's, Boyfriend's, Brother's, Ex-wife once saw one at night while she was heading home during the hour that her glasses were being fixed and while she was free-basing methamphetamine while there was a new moon during a big power outage.

Really? I thought American TV was incredibly liberal if you put things on at the right time. I've heard the same myth too. But bigfoot is totally real. 

Jessica Whipstaff said...

Awesome article bro, but since I am lesbian and live outside of London, does this mean I exist? Cause I looked in the mirror this morning and saw nothing, I can't be a Vampire because I don't sparkle and have good hair! :)

I'm pretty sure you exist, maybe your mirror is broken. Vampires do have nice hair though, what you're comparing yourself to isn't a vampire.

Gryt said...

I can't believe things like this would still happen in the "modern times" Just replace gays with witches, and bam we're back in the 1600's. I thought we'd be past this kind of thinking by now

Hey don't give them ideas lol, or we'll see gay burning, and people being dunked in vats of men. If they climb out they're straight, if they don't, they're gay, and should report back for burning and beheading. Shit I guess I just gave them some ideas didn't I? I like the idea that gays are the new witches though, it's like how black is the new black, and straight is the new gay.

SoreLosersGaming said...

The problem is that the vocal minority are the only ones who are heard. Most people couldn't give a crap less about something like that, but people who do will rage about it loud enough to make it seem like it's a problem

Sadly everyone just focuses on the minority. Even when it's not something like this. People will also use the minority to judge the majority. As a teenager I wasn't going around drinking, beating people up, and fornicating. Sometimes I kind of wish I was though xD Not all teens are like that, but that's the stereotype we have.

Neon said...

Lol, now I want to see Stork porn

If you're that serious then here lol. It's who I got the joke from in the first place. So Zach, should you ever read this, thanks for the joke, and for all the other laughs you've given me over the years. For safety sake I better just add that SMBC comics is the property of it's owner and I don't have anything to do with it. The link is totally SFW BTW. At least, you can't see anything lol.

Nobel Sloth said...

I heard that there is a large gay community in London? Would be sad if they get discriminated by the heterosexual majority.

I think there's a large gay community wherever you go lol. It's always sad when people get discriminated, but yet people continue to do it. Still, bad has to exist with the good.

Finally (yay!) a few reactions to my post about my almost night with Jessica.

Generally Disgruntled said...

Speaking of suits, I'm bringing Mod fashion back. Yeah, it's a British thing, but I think I can make it work here in the US. It's always fun when a friend helps you get something done. Shit, I haven't had any of my lady friends help me clean in forever. I remember when i had my first apartment in college, I would wake up and a friend of mine would just be cleaning random things while I slept. That's what happens when you adopt an open door policy...

You good sir are legendary. Good luck on bringing Mod Fashion back. You have at least this English guys support lol. It'll also be nice to see you guys adopt one of our styles rather than us having to scramble to follow you. Who am I kidding I always wear black, and occasionally blue, I don't really have too much interest in current fashion lol, but mod isn't current, and it at least looks good. Suits are the way to go. 

SoreLosersGaming said...

My Dad still has a VCR, dunno why he keeps it. Digital media all the way!

This don't happen often, but I am going to have to disagree with you lol. I'd rather have a CD than a download, and while DVD's are awesome yeah, not everything is available on DVD, and I'm a poor, so VCR all the way lol. I have a lot of old tapes from when I was younger, maybe I'll even dig some of them up. I also wish a lot more things were on DVD -_-

VCR's do kick ass, but when you consider my house has four of them, it wasn't really a blast from the past. All those who said they hadn't seen one in ages, they're all here lol. Thanks as always for your feedback, and sorry that this post ended up being so long. This has been so long that should there be a need for more reactions, they can have their own post lol 

These posts seem like an eon ago considering what I've been through this week, but ah well. By they way, I still have no letter from the college saying I'm going, seeing as they never said I would get a letter if I wasn't, seems like I'm probably not going.

On a side note I just accidently tried to follow my own blog, and it would have let me O_O

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

I Need To Check Blogs More Often

This post inspired by recent events, and it's probably gonna be kinda short really.

I was bored lately, and decided I'd probably do some writing, when I looked at my clock, noticed the time, and decided it was a good time to do my daily checking of blogs. As well as writing one, I follow an awful lot of blogs. While some of them are inactive, a lot of them aren't, and I usually end up with a lot of tabs open lol. I thought to myself I could write some more after reading the blogs.

It's about an hour (possibly two) later, and I stopped reading blogs about five or ten minutes ago. I'm now actually too tired to keep writing, well, except for this blog post I guess lol. At first checking all the updates in a blog once a day seemed like a good idea, just a bit out of time out of my day to get the job out the way.

Now though, it does seem to be taking a lot of time, so I might have to start checking for updates maybe 3 or 4 times a day, have little sessions of looking at blogs rather than looking at about 30 or so in one go. Usually by the time I get to the end I'm half dead and I can't be bothered to read any more. So if I seem not all that active on your blog, I'm not disinterested, I have a policy of only following blogs I'd find interesting, but you ended up way down on the list of updates, so I apologise.

Slight update:Upon writing this I have changed how I do business. I now check for new blogs every time I check my own blogs views and stats. This means I check blogs more, but they have a lot more of my attention. The only downside is that I follow a lot of American blogs, so they tend to write their blogs while I'm sleeping, leading to a lot of blogs being checked when I wake up and then very little update activity lol. I get by though, I get by.

On an unrelated topic, I hit 1000 page views, I actually can't believe this day came, thank you all so much ^_^ I'm also coming up on 100 followers. So I'm preparing for my head to explode.
Do you read a lot of blogs yourself? How often do you check them? Once a day like how I did, or at set times? Just when the mood takes you?

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

I Actually Love The Environment

In order not to seem like a dick (I've got the feeling I'll be doing something this again later in the week, you'll know it when you see it) this is part reaction post/part "It turns out I'm not that fond of hatemail" post, so bear with me.

This is, as you might have guessed from the title, a reaction to my post yesterday. Some people got the main message, which is that we should work on planting more trees and saving trees rather than doing stuff that doesn't help that much, like getting cars off the road, and some just felt like being sarcastic and acting like I'm quite happy to let the world burn. Personally though, I love sarcasm, I'm a sarcastic ass, so yeah, sarcasm away guys, srsly. Anyway. I really do love the environment, I love trees, I love forests, I love wildlife, the one thing humanity does that annoys me the most is deforestation and making animals extinct. I can't stand that. If I ever get rich enough to afford it, I can't decide between having a nice little house on the edge of a forest in the middle of nowhere, or having a massive house with a lot of land and getting a God awful amount of animals, and having a sustainable forest for a back yard. Which would be awesome. Anyway, I guess I better get on with the reactions.

HeadAche01 Said:
You state a good point, but the problem is the CO2 generated by fossil fuels like oil and gas. They weren't in the system until now, and if you want to take the CO2 of that out again, you need hell loads of trees, like the whole earth planted with trees. 
You see, there is some sort of circle of Carbon, trees use CO2 to make glucose and O2, which we breathe in/eat, and burn to make CO2 again, or we burn the things made from glucose and that again makes CO2 that the plants use again. 
But the problem arises when Carbon is used that wasn't in this circle, that is gas and oil.

Good thoughts though, keep it up.

Thank you for responding and helping me learn in a civilised manner, seriously. Much appreciated. Carbon dioxide into oxygen into carbon dioxide seems like a pretty simple system, one that clearly exists, and one that has really been thrown out of whack.

Shaw said...

I think it would be easier for everyone if we just went full on electric cars.

This would be the ideal really, we always thought that by the time things got this bad, electric cars would be awesome and no one would need a petrol car, but the sad thing is they aren't. Hybrids are kind of good, but I don't want to feel like I'm being forced to buy one. One day electric cars will be awesome, and everyone will drive them, and I do hope that day comes soon, but we seem to have little evidence it will.

Neon said...

And I think it's the easiest thing if we just grew wings and fly like superman or the guy from X-Men :D

Alright, you got me, that's the true dream lol. But if man were meant to fly, he'd have wings. Great, now people are probably going to think I have a thing against air travel. Only been in a plane twice, to and from Italy for a school trip I still refer to as "the worst week of my life". Italy was awesome, so much natural beauty too, but what happened there was not, maybe I'll tell that story some day.

Gryt said...

That is a brilliant solution, because some people I know can't go a mile if its not in a car, so lets just plant more trees to balance it out! I happen to be a member of the Arbor Day foundation, and I've planted 10 free trees a year for a couple years now that I get for paying the yearly membership dues
I seriously thank you for the good work you do. And for bringing the Arbor Day Foundation to my attention, I haven't heard of them. You have my full support. 

In short, I'm sorry if I pissed you off, or came across the wrong way. I'm saying that there are much better solutions than inconveniencing everyone. The world is full of natural beauty, the forests of the world are only a tiny proportion, but they are a wonderful part nonetheless. Nothing would make me happier than to see everyone in an electric car, to see the rainforest slowly come back, heck if I could I'd buy my own island, cover it in trees and endangered animals, and keep it safe, a la Black Jack, but I can't, at least not yet.

Thank you for listening. Turns out as much as I wanted hate mail, I really was just too self conscious to handle it. Again, I'm sorry if I came across the wrong way. 

Monday, 25 July 2011

Cars Are Saving The Environment

That's right folks, you heard me, cars are SAVING THE ENVIRONMENT. Not destroying it, saving it. So now let me spend ages going into why, rather than just making a baseless claim. As much as I love making baseless claims. Like that I'm a guy.

My main point is that cars emit CO2, otherwise known as Carbon Dioxide. This is the "OH MY GAWD STOP IT ITS SO EVIL NOOOOOOOO" thing. But, I want to draw your attention to something.
This is a tree. An Oak tree to be specific. Trees are such wonderful things. You see, they eat Carbon Dioxide, and spit out Oxygen, which, last time I checked, was what humans breathed, and what the ozone layer is made out of. This is why when people take big plane journeys, they often "offset" their carbon emissions by planting a tree or two. But when you consider that far more trees seem to be destroyed than are being planted, there isn't much use to this. Still I love trees, any more is always a good thing :)

You ever drove down a road with trees alongside it? I have, and those are some of the greatest trees I've seen really, except for the time I went to Sherwood Forest. Awesome place. If you live in England then go there. After reading this of course. 

If you want to cut down on global warming, which is something I'll probably bitch about another day, then stop cutting down trees, or at least plant more and take care of them. It's not enough to plant a tree, what if it can't take care of itself? I did talk to my dad about this, and he agreed it was a very good point, but said that the cars are giving out more fumes than the trees can handle, this is a problem easily solved by...more trees! I'm aware that a car probably spits out a bit more than just some harmless old CO2, but then stop that, don't complain about what isn't a problem.

I'm aware I have no real scientific evidence to support anything I've just said, and I could be seriously wrong, so if you know me to be seriously wrong, then please do leave a comment explaining to me how I am, I love learning, and I love hate lol. 

Still, if you find yourself agreeing with me, then please, again, leave comments, or whatever, and pass this on. It's not often I ask for something to be passed on, but hey, I think people should see this if it's accurate. If not, then may it never see the eyes of those other than who read it lol. 

Don't stop your car, stop your chainsaws. 

BTW, before people start saying to me "You're just trying to justify owning a hummer/jeep/whatever, I don't own a car, I don't even have a license. I can't get mine until my brother gets his. I'm also aware one major problem with cars is that they take up precious natural resources, so you can point that out to me if you want, but getting into oil spills and what not is another topic. I'm just trying to say that Carbon Dioxide is good for the planet, not bad, and people should stop hating cars. Hate the people that drive them, I know I do. 

Sunday, 24 July 2011

Schools Out

I know I already posted a song today, and I tend to stick to one post a day, but this has to be done today or it just won't be the same, it's already lost some of it's power because school is already out, I should have posted this on Friday, which is when school did end here properly, but anyway, here, School's Out by Alice Cooper. As much as I love Cooper, this isn't one of my favourites of his, but it is appropriate. Enjoy!

BTW I'm not a student at all, my school days are long behind me. As such the school holidays have lost a lot of joy for me lol. Now instead of loving them, I fear them, because it means my nieces are going to be spending a lot more time with me. They're cute, sure, and can be good in small doses, but, only small doeses, and with a lot of time in between lol. Kids are cute, but they grow up.

Sundays Song

Seeing as it seems to be becoming a regular feature now, enjoy this new song! This time it's Dance D'Amour by The 69 Eyes. It's a bit "gothic" but they describe their style as "Goth and Roll" lol. Either way I love it, and it's just downright awesome. You can't get much better than a guy with this voice singing in French. It's not all in French though, if that might put you off listening XD

Enjoy mon ami!

Damn, Jyrki (the lead singer) is HAWT

Saturday, 23 July 2011

Schoolboys To Get Caught With Their Trousers Down

I was flicking through the news when I came across this little tidbit Basically schools are going to have inspections without being warned.We have people attacking it saying that in the two days or so that people normally get, things can't possibly be covered up, and we have people praising it, saying that when schools have bad behaviour, kids aren't getting the quality of education they are entitled to, and deserve.

As a former pupil of a pretty bad school, I seriously welcome this. They can say that the advance warning period isn't long enough, but let me tell ya folks, it is. In my school behaviour was a massive problem. People were bullied, beaten, abused (I've even heard that the teachers were caught with pupils, we had one incredibly pervy teacher who was constantly staring at girls) and it was just outright very bad. I did a GCSE in History, and even though the group was about 10 strong, I think I was the only one there who actually wanted to learn history. One time a kid actually sprayed himself with a fire extinguisher while his mates filmed it on their phones.

But, when it came for an inspection, everyone was clean, everyone behaved, and everything went smoothly in the inspection. I still don't know how really. That place was awful, and it really should be shut down. My sister was driven to school so she didn't have to go on the bus, it was that bad. Oddly though my mum never drove me to school, but eh, what can ya do? My sister has since moved schools, and seems to be doing just fine at her new one.

There are schools that can hide everything in a day or two, there are schools that do it, and unannounced inspections can only be a good thing. At least from my perspective. The only downside is that it's only on schools who rated "satisfactory" for behaviour, meaning it was okay, but not good, so chances are my old school can cheat their way out of an unannounced inspection. Shame, I say.

In slightly better news this is also my 50th post! Thanks everyone for reading up until now, here's to another 50 more.

Friday, 22 July 2011

Fun nights with friends

On Wednesday (I have this set to autoupdate Friday, I already had something going for Wednesday and Thursday) my good friend Jessica came over. This is why if I'm an avid viewer of your blog I didn't read it, so my apologies, I hope I got to it when I could. Sadly she didn't get to stay the night like she wanted, she fell ill, maybe I'll learn why by the time this gets up lol.

Anyway she brought me round a load of stuff, three boxes worth actually, small boxes but they had a lot in them. Including various books and comics and videos, seeing as I still have and love my VCR. We also got my room cleaned up somewhat, so it's now about 10% cleaner and 30% more awesome lol. We only got a small bit done, but every little helps, and I'm actually pretty dependent on people for some things, so it was good she came down and we did some things. My house hasn't seen a woman's touch in years.

The place looks cleaner, and when I get over someone doing something for me, helping me out, I'm pretty sure I'll feel better to. Not to mention when I work out where everything is now lol.We also listened to some awesome music I'll probably end up posting some of over time, more than likely really, and before she got sick we watched a few episodes of How I Met Your Mother.

This show is seriously awesome. It really makes me want to suit up lol. But sadly suits are a bit out of my range for now. One day I'll wear an awful lot of suits, but so far that isn't this day, and probably won't be for a while.

So, Jesse, if you read this, I know your predisposition towards blogs but eh you might read mine lol, thanks for a pretty damn good night, some awesome stuff, introducing me to How I Met Your Mother, but most of all really, thanks for helping me with the cleaning, I'll try to keep it clean until the next time you come. Making no promises though, never make a promise I know I can't keep.

Thursday, 21 July 2011

It Appears Gays Don't Exist In London

This is kind of old news now really, but a soap opera over here recently got in trouble for having two gay people in bed together kissing and cuddling. They had several complaints, as well as many many many more people praising them for doing it, but really, who cares? Bullshit and hatred is what makes the news, no one cares that they were actually praised for it too.

Anyway the point I was trying to make is this. Is it so hard to tell your kids that sometimes a man can love a man? One of the idiots, for they are nothing but idiots really, said that her son now thought he was gay cos he kissed his dad. If that's the case, simply say "It's the way that mummies love daddies". Parents like to say things like that. Like sex is something "A mummy and daddy do". Despite not being able to be mummies and daddies before they've had sex. Oh wait that's right the Stork brings babies. I put it to you fathers, that your girl has been cheating on you with a stork!

Like I said, not everyone complained about this stuff, there were people even saying it's the fault of the parent for letting them watch it in the first place. This is a show thats normally full of way too much sex, drinking, even drug use, murder, and in one storyline someone got raped and got pregnant from it, but it's cool, it was totally hetero.

If you're going to have kids, and further more, let them watch a show like that, then be prepared to take responsibility, be prepared for what you're going to have to say to them, do with them. And maybe stop being such a dick yourself and you won't raise such dickish children.

Seriously, is it so hard to say "Sometimes men can love men in the way that a mummy and daddy love eachother"? Do we still live in a world where we have people being hypocrites and saying "I have no problem with gays, I just don't want to see them, or have my kids see them. They might give them gay." I for one, am going to be one of the people that says "Well done, even if you did it just for the ratings, or the controversy, well done you". No one really complained when they were tackling racism by having the characters be the victim of racist attacks, why complain now?

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

College, or probably not really

In one of my many "Well what do I write about now?" moments (I have tons of those, if you want me to right about something, leave a comment and I'll do what I can), I thought back to how I applied to college this year, and thought, well why not write about that, and some of my college experiences.

I first applied to, and went to actually, college, back when I was sixteen, after I left school, because at school I'd been filled with tales of how college was so different, there wasn't any bullying because people were more mature there, they went to college to learn, and what not. This however was not the case. I always told myself college would be different, as others had told me, so it was even more crushing when nothing changed. It was like I could never escape that fate. But then I remembered something, I was at college by choice, it wasn't like school, where I had to go, I could just stop going to college, so I did. I lasted a whole four weeks. That's right folks, four weeks. I guess I was pretty messed up back then.

After that I spent nearly a year doing nothing. It's a time I'm not too proud of, a whole wasted year, but it's still far from the biggest thing I regret doing. I don't remember a whole amount from that year, I just thank my mum massively for putting up with it, for letting me recover in my own time. Truth is I'm probably still recovering. After that time, I decided to go back to college again, this time to go to a different one, and this is eventually how I ended up living with my dad, as I caught the bus from his house, and sometimes my mum would pick me up and sometimes I would get the bus back, but I spent most of my time at my dads house.

This time college went much smoother. Some of the utter bastards from school were still there, but I rarely ever saw them, so it wasn't a massive problem for me to just get by. I made some friends, I did good work, when I got around to it lol, I even ran a forum, which was the main reason I wasn't doing my work >_>. I even met my first girlfriend there, who would later go on to be the main reason I left. There are actually several stories I could tell you about my time at this college, but I'll limit it to just the one for now, one I really remember. We were in the middle of class, and we were on a high floor, either the last or the second to last, and I found myself stating out loud, how easy it would be to bring the whole place down, that just blowing up the support columns on that floor would bring the whole place down, and I happened to also quote Fight Club, saying that "With enough soap, one could blow up just about anything", which earned me a reputation as a wannabe explosives guy. I don't know if they actually thought like that or not, but I had fun. The place was okay, my class wasn't so bad, there was some dickheads, but dickheads are in every place you go to. They're a part of life, better get used to them.

Now, I mentioned my girlfriend earlier didn't I? I did yes, that year was the year where not only did I get a girlfriend, but I also lost her, to some other guy actually. It's an impossibly long story I'll never tell all of, but the simplest way to put it is he slept with her before I did. After that happened, I was utterly shattered. I mean, I had spent several months actually being happy, enjoying myself, and recovering, and then it was all taken away from me, I didn't react well. I did even less work than usual, and hated the college, it was nothing but a place of bad memories, and eventually I just left. I left a bit before my girl left me really, because I wasn't doing the work and I wanted to get off the course before they kicked me off, but when they found out that was the reason, they tried to get me to come back, saying I could still catch up, and I wasn't as behind as I thought, but her leaving me killed any chance of that happening.

For the few years after that, I've been on and off the dole, welfare, whatever you want to call it, and this year I applied for college again. My best friend is going this time, so I know I'll be fine, I'm also applying for a different course. Those two times before I went to learn about computers, which I have an interest, it turned  out I wasn't interested enough mind. This time I'm going for psychology, a subject I have more than an interest in, and I should enjoy. I always like talking to people, helping them with their problems, and it will be nice to be able to do it better, and have a better idea of what's up with people, although I find I can usually come up to a logical conclusion.

Anyway, if you're still alive, that's just another story about me and my life, and maybe I'll tell some more if I can think of them. Normal ranting and funny service will be resumed when I find something I can make light of, and be funny about. If there's something you want me to make a post about, or if you're interested in my opinion on something, let me know.

Man this has been a long post.

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

It's quote time baby

It hit me today that because I had so much to talk about last week, I didn't post any quotes, at least not the best of my recollection, so enjoy these ones, and my apologies for that!

"To the world you may be one person, but to one person you may be the world"
No matter how insignificant you may, how much you may think you don't care, don't forget that there are people who feel they could live without you, even when the rest of the world may try to prove otherwise. You might not even realize how important you are to some people, but, you are, even if you don't know it :)

"We regret more the things we don't do, than the things we do"
I might have said this before, and I'll probably say it a lot more too, but really, it's true. I have more "I wish I'd done that" instead of "I wish I didn't do that". At least if you do something, you won't spend your life wondering what if. If there's someone you like, tell them, if there's something you want to do, then go do it (depending what it is, I don't want people to say my blog causes serial killing >_>) but the point remains, do it. It could change your life for the better, it's not likely to change it for the worst, at least if it was a mistake, you stand to learn from it.

"When faced with two choices, simply toss a coin. It works not because it settles the question for you, but because in that brief moment when the coin is in the air, you suddenly know what you are hoping for"
I absolutely love this one, and have said it to other people. I've also done this myself, not with a coin mind. It really does work lol. If you have to choose between one thing or another, toss a coin, and listen to what you find yourself wishing for, which leads me perfectly onto the next, and last one for today

"Never regret anything, because it was what you wanted at the time"
This is a lot easier said than done, there are things I do regret doing, but knowing that it is what I wanted to do is a small comfort, no matter how small it may be, comfort is comfort, and it kicks ass.

Monday, 18 July 2011


I've just hit the amazing milestone of fifty followers! Thank you all for following ^^ I think that despite having 51 followers actually, I only have about 15-25 readers (take that guy who said I'm not cynical >_>), well either way, I'm happy that people are reading at all, like I've said several times.

Once again thanks for everything guys, there wouldn't be a blog without you.

Learning to sew, again.

I'm finding myself trying to relearn how to sew, just to patch up holes in my own clothes mind. Because right now I rely on my sister or mum to fix my clothes, which while it is nice of them, it's inefficient for me because I only see them about twice a week. So if I can learn to do it myself, I save them time, I save me time, and I learn a quite useful skill. Learning a skill might even give me some confidence.

Anyway, I find it a bit annoying to have to relearn in the first place, I already learned how twice, once at junior school, then again at secondary school. Although the second time round we used machines, I even made a pillow. One of my friends insists I also managed to break one of the machines, but I don't remember that. Then again I don't remember a lot lol, maybe if I could remember breaking a machine, I'd remember how to sew in the first place.

I'm having to buy a little travel kit because it's cheap and small, but it should have more than enough of what I need, definitely have neither the room, nor the funds, for a big sewing machine too. It's mostly come back to me mind, seems to be a matter of threading through at the start of the tear three times to form an anchor if you will, then simply stitching it up, and then another three "loops" to close the thing and keep the thread in place.

If you know how to sew, and know it's more than that, then please, feel free to leave some tips in the comments, or if you know another good life skill I should have, leave that too. I don't plan to learn DIY yet, at least not just yet, though that would help too I guess because I'm still waiting for my brother to put my bedroom door up, but he needs to sand a lot of it off, which is going to take ages, and make a lot of mess. It took him two days to put his own door up.

Sunday, 17 July 2011

Song for a Sunday

This song today is another one by Stratovarius, see I told you most of them probably would be. This song is Will My Soul Ever Rest In Peace. It's kind of sad, but it's also very good, and it get's you to ponder your own life, especially if it is like this, if you've ever thought to yourself "Will there come a time for me when I find peace of mind
Will I always have this feeling like I'm last in the line?" and of course, "Will my soul ever rest in peace?". It's an amazing song I really can't say enough good things about, so now that I've said something about the song, quoted a lyric or two, all that's left is the song I guess.

If I allow myself to post this then I guess I'm accepting that I can make a small post lol

Enjoy the song, and see you next time!

Did you remember what day today is?

Today, at least for my American readers, as it's now the 17th for me, is my one month anniversary of this blog. It was a month ago today that I started. I recommend some of those old pages too, but I'd feel like too much of a whore if I linked to them lol. Who knows, maybe there's something you'd like in there somewhere.

Anyway, I actually can't drag this out for too long, so thank you for this month, and may there be many months more. Thank you all for reading, and your continued readership. I've also hit 41 followers (yay) and over 500 pageviews (yayyyyyyyyyyyy!).

This whole thing would be pointless if no one read it, as it was at first actually, so thank you one last time, for a good month, and, hopefully, for the more we're going to share.

Did you get me a present? >_>

Saturday, 16 July 2011


Well, contrary to the title, there's only one cat, as the other one isn't nice enough to sit on me without me making him, and I'm not very likely to do that. But this is (or should be if I've done this wrong) a picture of one of my cats, called Kadie.

She was nice enough to lay down on my arm and even look up when the picture was taken lol. I prefer cats to dogs  because you don't own a cat, it chooses to live with you. It's like having a furry roomate you occasionally have to feed and clean up after. You also cannot tame a cat, you can't make it obey you. For some people, this is a downside, but for me, it's an upside, I like that they retain their independence. Sure, I love dogs too, but when it comes to cats vs dogs, I'll always pick my fluffy little guys.

If I can I'll try to get a picture of Garfield (guess what colour he is) but like I said, my only camera is my webcam, and he spends most of his time in my dads room, he spends a bit more with me lately, but always at the end of my bed. I also can't get my laptop to synch up with my dads phone, so I can't take a picture on that and send it over, already tried.

This turned into a decent length post despite me just waning to share a picture of my cat >_>

Friday, 15 July 2011


While I haven't really been asked a direct question in comments yet, I thought I would post some reactions to some made. This is just for the last few blog posts, and if you don't see your comment as one responded to, let me know that you wanted a response, and I'll get on it. These are just reactions to the comments I have had so far, and if I get some more later and feel they need responding to, I'll get down to that later on.

These are all from the Morals Schmorals post actually, which makes it easier lol

Copyboy said...

So you'd be the crap out of me, but not my guinea pig. I see how it is.

LOL Nah, I wouldn't kick the crap out of you, but yeah I definitely wouldn't hurt your guinea pig. I won't really hurt other people either unless I could really justify it to myself. Besides, I can't really hurt people that much anyway. I do have a wooden sword, and I do plan to be able to use a sword properly, as well as self defence, but like Akira from the Simpsons said "We learn Karate so that we need never use it" or something like that. Basically you learn how to fight so that you can if you have to, but you don't just do it.    Usually the discipline you gain from learning a martial art can prove more important than the art itself. I want to learn how to defend myself, and so I have the abilities to act if I need to, but I'm not about to go start beating up just because I can. Just because you can doesn't mean that you should, and just because you should, does not mean that you can.

EBM93 said:
Well, Kant said that the ultimate goal for humanity was that everyone was rational and had high morals. How would you live in a world were everybody didn't respect other people

I do have high morals, I might not have too many, but I heavily stand by the ones that I do have. As long as I can justify something to myself, I can do it, I don't have to justify it to other people. But I do like what you said, I haven't heard that before, and that is probably one of the only true ways to peace, but everyone is going to have their own morals, it's one of the joys of humanity, and there are few enough as there are. We can't really live in a world where everyone doesn't respect other people, but chances are we won't ever live in such a world, as not everyone can accept everything. Besides, no conflict would start to make life boring eventually. I respect as many people as I can, but there are people I don't respect at all, and probably never will.

Nosefire Said:
I can beat the crap out of anyone that can get me that mad. Usually it is a human. But I'd save the baby.

Hehe one of the only people who did also answer the question, thank you for that. I admit like I admitted in the original post, that I thought no one would save the baby. It's good to be able to defend yourself, but like I said, try to use it only to defend, either others, or yourself. I'm a strong believer of "It is the duty of the strong to protect the weak", and one reason I aim to become strong is to be able to protect those closest to me who cannon protect themselves.

Thank you for all your responses, and your continued responses. It is only through hearing what you think about what I think, that I can continue to provide an experience me, you, and everyone else who reads this, will enjoy. I'd also like to think this isn't the first time I'll respond to your opinions, but only time will tell. 

It's never enough, no it's never enough

I could talk for hours (possibly) about how it's never enough, but instead I'll let Five Finger Death Punch do it for me. I like all the songs of theirs I've heard, though I haven't heard a whole lot, I'll admit. Anyway, enjoy. It's one to make you get up and punch babies in the face

DISCLAIMER: I do not condone or encourage the punching of babies in the face.

No song post would be complete without me saying some of my favourite lyrics, even if to only make the post seem longer than it is, so today shall be no exception.

There are so many to pick I'll just have to stick to

I'd rather hate you for everything you are
Than ever love you for something you are not
I'd rather you hate me for everything I am
Than have you love me for something that I can't

According to comments on the video, Kurt Kobain was the first to say this, but whoever said it first, it's something I can stand behind. I would rather be hated for everything I am, than loved for something I'm not. I'm not a lot of things too.

Enjoy the song, and look forward to the next one, which is due on Sunday unless I run out of ideas again lol. Or find a song I just HAVE to share. Well, I find those all the time, takes a lot of will to not just make 300 posts + of songs, but then I'd run out of songs.

Thursday, 14 July 2011

Morals schmorals

Morality is a strange subject for me, made even stranger by my beliefs, which I covered before, so check there if you forgot lol, but it's something I feel I could talk about for ages, or for barely any time at all, something I could cover in half a blog post, or something that might take ages to do, so let's just see how it goes.

I want to start by admitting that I can be, and usually am, a massive hypocrite. I will condemn others for doing something I would probably do myself. I honestly don't have all that many morals, and I feel that if I wanted to, if  I felt I really wanted to, I could easily break the laws of man. I don't think anyone really deserves to die, but that partly comes from my knowing that there are fates worse than death, I've suffered some of them, caused some of them too I guess, but there are people I think I could take out, times I've found myself thinking that.

I'm an English gent though, so that does make me a perfect English gentleman lol. I always hold the door open for people, even if they aren't girls actually, and I would never harm a woman, and cannot abide those that do.  I'm aware that sometimes women will beat men too, and I'm going to do my best to avoid ranting about men, I'm living proof there are some good ones out there. Seriously girls, or guys I suppose, there is such a thing as a nice guy, just like there's such a thing as a nice girl.

I also wouldn't hurt an animal, which some find strange, because I'd probably hurt a person. I tend to hold animals in a higher regard than I do people. Someone once asked me "If you were at a train track, and you heard a train coming, and saw a kitten and a baby on the tracks, the baby is nothing to you, but the kitten has been coming to you for food lately, which would you save?". I'd save the cat, even if I didn't know it, and that means I have a different way of thinking than other people apparantly lol. Don't get me wrong though, I'm nothing like PETA, God I hate them, it should stand for People Eating Tasty Animals. I don't try and force what I think on people like they do, and I actually eat and enjoy eating, meat. If we weren't supposed to eat meat we wouldn't have sharp canine teeth.

I think that might actually be it for now, I'll probably discuss it more some other time, but until then, feel free to ask me questions and what not, and if you do, check back in a few days (unless you follow me, in which case, THANKS!) to see an answer.

I'm also interested in what your answer to the question about the cat and the baby is, everyone I've asked would pick the cat, I want to know if people would actually choose the baby

That's all for now, thanks for reading!

PS: Neon, if you read this, it was a bokken (Wooden sword) a kendo stick is called a Shinai and its a bit different. All I really do right now is swing it around for exercise, I don't really have the stamina for much else, but I do intend to do a lot more with it, besides, we all have to start with the basics ^^

My little bookshelf

Someone left a comment saying that I didn't post a picture of the bookshelf, well here it is lol. See I do listen to your demands >_> I would have stuck this in with the post I have coming up later, but that's a topic that deserves nothing but it's own post. I think it might even be seen as a return to form for me lol. Look forward to it! (Yes I'm aware my room is a mess, be thankful you can only see that small part of it, and yes, I'm aware my bookcase contains very few books, sadly I stick to the library for my book needs right now, so don't own all that many)

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

My surprisingly awesome day at the shops

I'm actually quite reluctant to post this, because it will take the much better post about the afterlife off the top, and people might miss it, but by saying that at the start here, I've alerted people to that, and the fact that they should read it. /subliminal messaging.

Last time I talked about a day at the shops, it was a bitch session, and while some people might like me bitching, today there is very little to bitch about. Other than that I woke up at 7am, but after all my late nights and waking up late, it might have done me some good to wake up early for once. I went to work at 10 like I occasionally do on Wednesdays, and spent pretty much all my time on the till. Not much to report from that, other than that I broke it a few times, but it's a till I'm still getting used to, I don't know where all the buttons are. I can instantly remember a game console controller, but give me more buttons and it takes a while lol. I can touch type at least, most of the time.

Anyway, while I was working, I came across a very nice little bookshelf, the first of what was to become a series of great purchases for me today. I finally have a place to store my games and books. Up until now I've had them on top of a cabinet like thing behind my bed, but it has no back, and it's not fully against the wall, so it looks messy and if anything falls off, I'm not too likely to get it back without a lot of effort lol. So yes, win for me. It was cheap too at only £10 (about 16 dollars, I know a lot of my readers are American).

After I was done working, I nipped intot he library before lunch, and requested the book they originally failed to get for me, Abhorsen, the third in the Old Kingdom series I wrote a small review on before, although I really only wrote about Sabriel, the first book. I am now reading the second one, Lirael, but I doubt the third will arrive before I'm finished lol, I'm nearly half way through already. After I've read this I'm also going to re-read Harry Potter, so I have some very good books entering my mind soon enough. Yay.

The last part of my awesomeness of the shops came with my usual shopping trip. As I was at the till waiting for it go through and what not, I noticed a small DVD stand, with cheap ass DVD's, and managed to pick up for myself a copy of X-Men Origins:Wolverine, and Batman The Dark Knight for £8 (12 dollars). Oddly enough Batman was slightly more expensive at £5 despite being least I think it's older. Either way, it's a good movie, and I've watched it enough to warrant actually buying it. As for Origins, well, I love the X-Men, especially Wolverine, as my post about the X-Men proved, so even if it's a bad movie, I do get to stare at Hugh Jackman (one fine piece of man) for a while, so I'll be happy lol.

Now all I have to do is do some rearranging in my room, and get my bookshelf filled, which could take a while I admit, and I am really worn out, so we'll have to see how that goes.

Remember, this is just a boring post about my life, the one below it is one I consider much more important. It's kind of odd how sometimes I can end up stressing a little over not making a blog post every day, even though I'm about the only person I know who does that (and I follow a LOT of blogs) and sometimes I have so many things to say I have to make myself spread it out, to keep some material for later lol.

I hope you enjoy your day as much as I have enjoyed mine (so far), until next time, eat, drink, and be merry!

I'm on the highway to Hell

Like I said in my little note, I'm writing a post about my thoughts on the afterlife. I've posted about the protestant belief on it, Sola Fide, and I'm going to do my best to make this not turn into a massive rant about the hypocrisy in religion, if you want some of that, check out the first two posts I made, lots of it there.

Now, my views on what comes after death, much like my spiritual beliefs, are a mixture of what I've heard and read about other faiths and what other people think, and they are somewhat contradictory at times too. It's part of the fun of being me.

I believe in both Heaven and Hell, as for purgatory, I'm not too sure on that, I have no real feelings about it, but I find the concept of basically God having a waiting room outside San Francisco not too hard to believe. I don't think, however, that people can go to Hell. At least, not for eternity, maybe as say, a form of punishment similar to jail, and then you get to go up to Heaven. I think that Hell is Lucifer's punishment, not ours, and we won't be subjected to it. I also believe in reincarnation. Here's where you go "WTF? You can't believe in Heaven and reincarnation!", well, I do.

I think that when we go to Heaven, we can relax up there for a bit, chill out with Jesus or whoever happens to be up there, and choose to come back when we want. If we want. I suppose that if God needed more souls he could just make them, he is supposedly all powerful. Someone I know says that a medium (yes I believe in mediums, but I do accept there's a ton of fakes out there, it's hard to know a real one) told him that his girlfriends grandfather specifically picked him to go out with his grandaughter, when he was dead, and don't ask me how he knows this, but he says that he was conceived at pretty much the moment she was born, which I find kinda creepy lol, but it does kinda reinforce the whole "you were made for her" thing. Are your parents waiting for you in Heaven? Possibly, I guess you won't know until you die, but hey I could be wrong about all this lol, maybe after death what happens is that you simply get eaten by worms.

I also believe in ghosts, spirits, whatever you want to call them. People who haven't passed on, or are so determined to affect the world despite being dead, that they are able to come down here, or spirits that have to take care of something. They do say that most ghosts are people with unfinished business. Can John Edward hear them? Not very likely lol.

So yes, that is pretty much my thoughts on the afterlife. Basic summary, I believe Heaven and Hell exist, but that we don't go to Hell, not permanently at least, as it is the punishment of Lucifer, not us. I believe in reincarnation and ghosts, and that you basically get to pick when you're reincarnated.

If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment, and I'll answer them in a post, if it's more personal, then email me, and if you know a religious person, let them read this, and point out they can email me, I want hate mail lol.

Thanks for taking the time to read this. I know I haven't said that before, but this is probably one of the first times I'm sharing a genuine opinion that I do care about, see you next time folks, I'll try to be more cheery then.

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Yahooooooooooo email scans

It hit me recently that really blog posts don't have to be novella, I don't have to make them about the length of a book, so hopefully I'll be able to make smaller blog posts, more centric to the point, as long as I don't worry too much about making small posts. I've seen people make some very small posts, and felt like I couldn't really do that, but really, a whole lot of people do it, there are some things that just don't need a big post.

Anyway, now I've got that out the way, the point of this post (although that first paragraph DOES make this post bigger lol) is that I read in the news that Yahoo scan a persons emails, which they say they do to get rid of spam, and eventually, offer much "better" advertising to the person.

I'm with the people who have complained, and said this is a blatant intrusion of privacy, as it is. Apparently gmail (the people I use) also do this, and I find it kind of surprising I probably didn't know this, but I guess I probably would have worked it out because when I send an email, adverts relating to the stuff I've talked about appear lol.

A few years back, I did know a guy who said that people do scan emails, but only if certain words are said in them, and I said one of these words, and he pointed out that now he needed a new email address because his had been scanned, and traced back to him, that I can kind of understand I guess, but still, I'm a massive believer in privacy. I prefer having laptops to PC's because I prefer the privacy a laptop offers.

Windows have said that they don't do this, and I will admit that I never get spam with gmail, and I get many many spams with Windows, but Windows are nice and put it all in a big folder you can clear out, I'd rather have to clear out a spam folder than have people reading my emails. I have a hotmail account that I mostly use for windows live messenger, on those very rare occasions I actually use it, and I have a yahoo account, which I think I got initially for Yahoo radio, which they don't do anymore :( but I don't use it for emails, for emails I use one of my two gmail accounts, I have my main one, which is the one that emails sent through the box on the right goes to, and a spare one I could throwaway if I had to, that I barely use.

Still, again, it comes down to privacy, everyone has a right to it, everyone deserves it, and there is some very sensitive information that gets said in all forms of communication, even emails. They say they only have computers and robots do it, so it's not like someone is actually reading your email, that makes it slightly better, but doesn't really make everything cool.

Monday, 11 July 2011

Nothing like a good book

I just finished reading one Hell of a book, called Sabriel by Garth Nix. I also have it's sequel, Lirael ready to read, but I'm going to try my best to hold of reading that until tomorrow. I would have the third and last instalment of the series, Abhorsen, but the library messed up. I'll get my hands on it though, don't worry.

For more about the book, click read more

Sunday, 10 July 2011

Sola Fide (by faith alone)

I read recently that the Protestant branch of Christianity has a belief called Sola Fide, or by faith alone, which says that basically, access to Heaven is granted not by actions, but by ones Faith in God, they see being a good person as just a sign of faith, but that good actions are not necessarily required to be allowed into Heaven.

I learnt about this while I was learning about Purgatory, the belief that there is some kind of place in between the afterlife and death, where sinners are given a last chance to repent before Hell, and people can reflect on what they've done before the final judgement. Protestants don't believe in this apparently, and this tenet is their alternative, as they claim Purgatory is not specifically mentioned in the bible.

There's more if you click read more

Saturday, 9 July 2011


I often get random thoughts that I just can't stretch into a blog post, or can't fit into a post about something else, such as all my inspirational quotes and what not, if I get one of these thoughts, and it amuses me, then I'll stick it in the little text box I've now made.

Damn this blog just keeps getting more cluttered....-_- at least I've now learnt how to split blog posts so that I can make them take up less room, so that to see all of a long blog post, you just click a button. I'd seen it on other blogs but didn't know how to do it myself. Shame I don't really have the energy to go back and do it to all my posts, but if I know me, and I don't, then I'll go back and do them all lol. Well, all the ones currently on the front page at least, no need to go crazy.

So yes, as well as now being able to spam my inbox with email, you can now also get a little look into the jumbled mess that is my mind. Look forward to it, I mean, I wouldn't if I was you, but I'm not you, I'm me. As much as the world might be sad at that thought.

Songs to make you kick the tar out of life

I was checking out someone else blog earlier (not sure if he minds me saying who he is, better to be safe than sorry) and he posted a song that ended up being pretty good, so thanks for that, and while I have posted a song before, it wasn't as kick-ass as some songs I know. I had planned to start posting songs for sad days and for kicking the crap out of life, and why not start today? So here it is folks, the first one in the series, Hold Onto Your Dream by Stratovarius. A lot of the songs I know will probably be from these guys, they knew how to either make you cry or bend life over a table and make it your bitch. All that said, enjoy the video, and I'll see you next time!

Friday, 8 July 2011

You can now email me

Look at this text, kay now look to your right, but stay on the screen, see that little box at the top? That let's you email me. That's right folks, you can now invade my personal space, I like to be violated in the most sensual ways.

Email me if you have a question about something I've said, or just something in general, and feel free to email me about anything, even if it's a problem going on with you. Everyone I know tells me that I'm easy to talk to you, and you feel you can tell me anything, but ya don't have to.

The place I got it from had captcha (where you have to write in a code for it to work) by default, I took the captcha away, I felt it unnecessary, however, supreme spamming will result in me getting a new one that does have captcha. Who am I kidding I barely get emails I'll be glad for the company lol.

So yeah, once again, you can now email me if you so wish, I wanted a guest book or a chat box, and this is the best I could get, for now, besides, this place is cluttered up enough as it is. So yes, feel free to email me about anything, the blog, your blog, your life, my life, anything and any time you want, I'll get back to you as quick as I can, which, unless I'm sleeping, is probably pretty quick lol.

Newsity news

A bit more of my looks at some of the news. Note that I tend not to deal with major news stories, I'm offering my views on the news, if I don't have a view, I won't handle that story. That said, enjoy!

I read in the news yesterday, but only wrote about it today, because I was too tired, that a play has been pulled for being too gay. I don't mean it was bad, I mean it was about gay people, and was pulled. I find it astonishing that in the world we live in today that a play would be pulled because it had gay characters, coming to terms with their homosexuality. The guy who made it was the same guy behind Billy Elliot, and he had actually taken some things out of the script in an attempt to negotiate, but they weren't havig it. It had primary school pupils involved, and the main reason it seems it was pulled was because the school pulled these pupils out, saying it was too offensive for them. I can agree a bit I guess with say 4 year olds, but these kids were up to 11 years old as well. When I was in primary school, I'm not sure which year, we did have a gay kid in our class, and a gay guy I know says that he knew he was gay from the start, I think it would have been a wonderful experience for these kids to learn a thing or two about gay people, and to tolerate them and realize that there's nothing really wrong with them. One of the reasons the kids were pulled was because there was homophobic name calling as well, but really, you do have to expose your kids to this stuff, you have to let them know what is and isn't acceptable. You can't just say to your kids "You have to love gay people" you have to explain why, although, from the looks of this story, it seems most people probably aren't even saying that to their kids. UPDATE: For once some good news, the show is now going ahead, because the writer agreed to change the word "Queer" to "Gay". He says he would have done this ages ago if they'd have just asked, so remember folks, always ask!

Some more quotes

A while back I did some a post of some really good phrases that have helped me through some of my tough times, and I said I'd probably do it again, so here it is, and this isn't my collection either, so there's a chance of some more! Having regular segments makes it much easier to find someting to write about and keep a decent update schedule :) It's why I really might have wrestling reviews, anyway, here you go, enjoy!

"Those we overlook in life, are those who support us from behind" I actually got this one from a manga (who said comics rot brains?). Remember to always keep an eye on the people who genuinely care about you, and never take them for granted. Never overlook anyone you care about, or who cares about you :)

Click "read more" to, well, read more.

Thursday, 7 July 2011

One of the most beautiful songs ever

I have some plans to share some really great songs, and I can't decide to go with one song an update, or a lot of songs in one post, like I do with motivational phrases (maybe I'll turn that into one phrase an update, it'll last a lot longer lol) but this song deserves it's own post, that much is for sure.

This song is Anthem, by the amazing band Kamelot. If you like this song, then please, check out some of their other stuff, but, even if you don't, I will eventually.

This song was written by Roy Khan, the lead singer, about his son, Gabriel (beautiful name btw). It's about his feelings on becoming a father, and how he thinks he'll react to it, and just on the miracle of life itself.

Some of my favourite lines are
 "I don't know your name, or what I am to do.
One day you'll wonder why, try read between the lines,
And you will sing for me, the way I sang for you."


"I Pray I understand what's happening,
But if anything, I do know this,
I'll be the best I can."

If you're a parent yourself, or are going to be, I think this song will really speak to you, and all you have to do when you have kids is be the best you can, take what comes, when it comes, and just try your best, and your kids should turn out fine. I really do love this song, and I hope to share some more good ones with you some time soon.

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

My day at the shops

Normally I probably wouldn't find something to talk about while I was out shopping, but hey, I found myself a lot to bitch about. So yeah, expect a lot of RAEG lol.

First stop, Tescos, the English wal-mart mi Americanos, and their café. At first I wanted some Lasagne, but I just missed out on getting the last serving, so I settled on a panini instead. At first I couldn't get the drink I wanted because the machine was totally out of order, so I got a slush instead. A slush that actually contained very little ice. I also didn't get a proper straw.

More bitching for those who click read more

I'm the best there is at what I do, and what I do ain't nice

Ahhhh sweet, sweet Wolverine, you hairy piece of man you. From bub to bub, who doesn't enjoy the X-Men? Sadly there are so many different parts of the X-Men, that it could take several posts to cover them all, so let's just try to focus on one topic at once. I got the idea to write about X-Men because I'm currently playing through X-Men:Legends (amazing game btw) and reading the Wolverine Comics, and plan to read the Ultimate X-Men comics. I'm also watching the original cartoon series from the 90's...great age for cartoons.

As for a starting point, let's talk about the movies, that's what most people probably think of when they think of X-Men. It's as simple as this folks, 1st, great, 2nd, good, 3rd....WTF? WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT?! WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY?!?!?!?!?

The first movie was amazing, it really was. All the characters were great, and I think they fitted in well with their comic counterparts. But all I really ask is that you get Wolverine right lol. Love that little guy. Just writing this makes me tempted to watch it again, but it's getting late, and I need to go to bed earlier, so I can be up at stupid o'clock on Monday (You'll have to forgive me for referencing days, this is an auto update, unless I get bored), so it'll have to wait, maybe tomorrow. As I was saying, it's just a downright great movie, it has pretty much everything. Action, comedy, drama, romance, people that feel real, and with real problems of their own. These are people that even if you are nothing like, being not a mutant, you can feel sorry for, and empathize with. I'd like to think that after all the X-Men I've watched, I'd be cool with mutants. Other than the jealousy I'd feel lol. It's a movie that just got everything it did, right.

X2, as the second one was known, was also really good. It dealt with slightly different, yet similar issues. The main one in X-Men is usually the difference between right and wrong. Who's ideals should you serve? At times X-Men is not a case of Good vs Evil, it's a case of two different ideals, each with the same goal overall, but different methods of doing it. For me this is one of it's strength, the best stories come from conflicting ideals, not clear right and wrong, usually such a thing doesn't exist. This one also deals more with Wolverine's Weapon-X past, so of course, features a lot of the guy, again, something that can't be wrong lol. This one does also have a lot more mutant oppression though, and might get a bit difficult to watch, but it is still tame compared to some of the stuff that went on in the comics, such as the Friends Of Humanity. This movie also has it's climactic moments, it's sheer cinematic wonder, and keeps you watching, but it's a lot darker, a lot grittier, than the original. Some people like dark, I'm one of them, but it feels kind of a shame to have a sequel that feels so different from the original.

X3 on the other hand...WHY!?!?!? I'll admit, it wasn't that bad, but it was still bad. You had people with the wrong powers, you had bad character development, as far as I know, the guy behind it actually doesn't even like X-Men, and blames the fans for it's badness, saying it's their fault they can't see it's greatness. I read recently that Joss Whedon, the genius behind Buffy and a great at things like this, nearly did it, and I kinda wish he did, but hey, if he did, I wouldn't have anything to bitch about lol. It just felt like a bad movie compared to the first 3. A cinematic experience, sure, but an X-Men movie? Maybe not.

All in all, I really do recommend these movies, even, grudgingly, the third one, even if it's just to see how it ends. Of all the superhero franchises getting reboots, such as the newest Spiderman films, I kind of hope X-Men is one of them, and that they do it right this time round. Yes, I'm aware First Class, and Origins:Wolverine, are technically reboots, but I meant a whole new set of movies, not individual ones.

Have you seen the X-Men movies? Did you like them? Hate them? Agree or disagree with me? Share your thoughts in comments folks!


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