Saturday, 18 June 2011

Why I made this blog

This was a topic I was going to save for another day, but I just feel like I should write something, and I don't really want to write what I should, so I'll write this instead.

Normally I guess that this is something that should really be a first post, or put somewhere, but I don't really like doing things normally. Normal is boring. This thing mainly came about because of Facebook. If I blog regularly chances are I'm going to rant about Facebook a lot, and other social media, but Facebook is one thing I have to accept and even like, because it brought me and Jesse back together.

Anyway, as I was saying. My first and second posts are things I posted on Facebook as notes, because Facebook wouldn't let me post them as status updates, too long, and well I just thought that not a lot of people are going to read them, and they were things I wanted to say. Barely anyone reads my wall anyway, I have about 50 "friends" on there, and well only five or so will probably look at it.

I just thought to myself that there were a lot of things I wanted to say, a lot of opinions I had, and that I guess I did want people to read them, so I thought to myself "Why not set up a blog?". The only problem with that is that the only way I could really advertise it is through Facebook, and as I just mentioned, if I had an active Facebook life, I wouldn't need a blog, but having a blog lets me reach a wider audience anyway. It's why I ask so much that you share if you think there's something good to read here, and I've noticed that one person has shared my list of uplifting phrases. Leave a comment if you want a personalised thank you. Leave a comment if you think I'm boring, leave a comment if you think I'm good. I can't improve if I don't get feedback, and I need people to actually read this stuff if I want to make sure my opinions are getting across.

I'm aware that at first, guests couldn't comment, but now they can, I hope. I'd check myself, but then I'd get fake page views and I'd cheat myself. Plus I don't really like that kind of thing.

To summarise, I had, and still have, a lot to say, and I wanted to make sure people could hear me. It's probably the first time in my life I've actually wanted people to hear what I have to say.

Thanks for reading this, I'm tired and depressed, so sorry if I bored you.


  1. Your blog post today referenced this post and got me looking through your archive to find it.

    You and I have a lot in common with regards to why we started up blogging. We even started around the same time! My first few blog posts also happen to trace their conceptual ancestry to some Facebook Notes I wrote just a short while before starting my blog. The biggest difference I'd say is that I have a lot of Facebook friends who probably would read it but I didn't advertise my blog at all through there. I personally told 3 of my best friends and any spread from there will be through word of mouth. My blog reveals a more personal side to me that any friends will either already know this stuff, or I expect they'll find out through talking with me face to face.

  2. @Henry Wow someone went through my archives :D I don't have much in the way of friends lol, readers of this place might actually know me better than the people in my real life. In some aspects. I don't even have 3 best friends let alone be able to name them :P

  3. I'm leaving a comment: You are a person who is growing, sometimes you are boring, sometimes you are interesting, sometimes you are good, sometimes you are bad. Just like everyone else in this world.

  4. @Bersercules It would have helped my poor frail self belief if you said I was amazing. But I guess I probably would have got complacent, which leads to crappiness.


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