Thursday, 16 June 2011

Striking of the large scale kind

For those who don't know (yes I'll probably use that phrase a lot) there's a fair bit of civil unrest here in England, and there is a massive strike planned, supposedly possibly involving up to 750,000 people who work in the public sector.

Of course, the ConDems (sadly I didn't invent that word, but damn it's good, it's a joining of Conservaties and Liberal Democrats, the people in the coalition who currently run this country...into the ground) aren't too happy about this, and they say they want to change the rules on striking, maybe make it so that only a certain amount of people can strike at a time.

I think this goes against at least one of our rights, and it surely seems undemocratic. Then again, they say the worst thing about living in a democracy is that believing you live in one.

If you limit how many people can strike, then you're really limiting the effect a strike can have, and a strike has to be effective. It's one of the reasons that the student protests turned into riots. People were not happy at all with the government, and did what they could, take away a persons right to strike, and they'll just riot like that. Or just not go into work anyway, are you going to fire 750,000 people because they didn't turn up for work? I wouldn't. I'd support the people who wanted to stand up for their rights, and make their points.

What my opinion matters, being an unemployed volunteer, I don't know.


  1. They should make it easier to strike! They should be harder on what workers are striking against!

  2. @Bersercules Damn straight! Can I get an amen brother?


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