Saturday, 18 June 2011

Some bloody fun

It just really hit me how horribly depressing and serious this blog is, and the updates I have waiting to auto update, are also pretty damn serious and depressing, so I'm going to try and have some fun, if I remember how.

One thing I do enjoy doing is playing games, but right now I really am playing too many games lol. I also need to stop starting new games, but I just can't help myself, I'm worse than a junkie when it comes to that.  I just think to myself "I want to do that" and so I go and do it. It's one of the good things about games, if you can think of a game that lets you do what you want to do, and I usually can, you can do almost anything, even killing prostitutes in back alleys, not that I've ever done that, or want to.

There is also of course, the wonderful joy of reading, which can stretch even further than games, because books cover a whole lot more topics, and sometimes better than games, although a good game really should play out like a good story. If you haven't read them yet a few books I recommend would be the Artemis Fowl series by Eoin Colfier, they're really fun and very well written. Plus they have fairies! Fairies make anything more awesome, especially awesome fairies. He has a pretty unique view on fairies, it really isn't what you expect when you think of Fairies. There's also the Magicians Guild trilogy, at least I think that's it's actual name, I'm just pretty sure the first book is called The Magicians Guild, the second is The Novice, and the third is The High Lord. It is, as you might expect, a book about a Magicians Guild, but there is a lot more to it to that, it even makes the point that just because something is brought about by "evil" means, it can be good.

I guess I did forget how to have fun with writing. I'm more of a witty and sarcastic retort kind of guy.

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