Thursday, 30 June 2011

Piracy, of the electronic variety

Computer piracy is an iffy subject at best, with lots of people having one of two views, that it's right, or that it's wrong. Which really are about the only views you could have.

As an aspiring artist myself, musician that is, I can't draw at all, then again right now I can't really play, I would like to think that if I did become well known, I would have a slightly relaxed attitude towards piracy, I'd be feeling too good that people wanted to hear my message, and that they were listening to me, which is the same way I feel about this blog, and advertising. I'm just trying to get my opinion out really, doesn't matter to me if I make money or not, sure, I would appreciate some cash, but some things are more important than money.

I also like one idea I've heard that I also like to repeat, although some people say it's just an excuse to "justify it" but piracy is not theft. If you steal something, you take something away from someone, they don't have it anymore, whereas if you pirate it, you merely make a copy of it, they still have it. If anything piracy is useful in that it creates more copies of your work, allowing for even MORE people to get your message.

I would like to believe that is the attitude I would take towards piracy were it happening to me, but only time will tell. Maybe people will never have the chance to pirate from me. Also don't forget, that if you can afford something, and you like it, then please, do buy it, and help support your favorite artists, be it music, art, comics, manga, movies, TV, whatever you're in to. Supporting an artist allows them to further develop their work, and keep on going.

Also remember, I'm not encouraging, or trying to endorse, piracy, I'm just getting my opinion on it out, and getting my two cents out. Although I only have a 1 dollar bill.

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