Wednesday, 22 June 2011

My age

I've mentioned before somewhere, that I don't really want to disclose my age, mostly because I find it's more fun for people to guess it, I'm interested in what they think. I've also said that my age seems to vary between 13 and 25, mostly because I still have quite the babyish face. Someone at my work actually told me she thought I was in my mid-20's because of the way I carried myself, but normally it is the people online who think I'm older, because of my language, and my experience, and even my "wisdom". I want to make it clear folks, there's a difference between wisdom and intelligence, although people seem to think I'm quite smart too. If you happen to know how old I actually am, please DON'T leave a comment saying, if I'm not going to say it, then others shouldn't either. Let me have some small semblance of fun. Not that I'm really expecting commenters, but this post is designed to update automatically as some kind of midweek little rant, so maybe by then things will have picked up a know, in the week it'll have been.


  1. mmm what does it take for ya big sister not to say ur age lol i could say the year u were born thats not saying ya age exactly lol nah ok i will let u have ya fun just cos i love ya lol x x

  2. @NeonMy big sister essentially asking why she shouldn't say how old I am and then agreeing not to do it all in one go.


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