Sunday, 26 June 2011

I don't think so Tim

Well, I thought about it in my Fresh Prince post, and I thought "Why not?" I'm actually writing this just after the Fresh Prince one, with this set to auto update on it's own in a week or so, I already have a lot of upcoming blogs set to do that, so maybe this can be a fun one that breaks through all the seriousness I'm about to go through.

Let's actually see how much of this show I can remember, I watched almost all of it a few years back, but even back when I was living with my mum when I was about 14 or 15, I used to get up at 6am and watch it on ABC, back when it was on freeview, I really miss that channel, they had some good stuff, but nothing better than Home Improvement.

It's a shame that Tim "The Tool Man" Taylor never really succeeded in his crazy schemes of, well, home improvement, because usually he was actually pretty clever about what he was going to do. Poor Al usually always being dragged into his schemes, and getting hurt in the process, although usually he was smart enough to get out early, giving his wonderful catchphrase of "I don't think so Tim". I really loved his grand schemes as well, I really want a Mans Bedroom, and the Mans Kitchen. I really, really do.

The kids were actually quite kiddish. If you get 3 boys, they will turn out like those three...not sure if that's a good or bad thing, I'm still not sure whether I want girls or boys if I have kids, I get on better with girls, but I'd probably find boys easier to deal with.

It was pretty sad when Randy left, he was one of the shows main sources of laughter, but also of everything the show was about, improvement, and dealing with what you have. The show lost some of it's laughter and charm when it lost him, but it was still good. It wasn't as bad an impact as the original Vivian left when she left Fresh Prince. But I really did like Randy.

I even didn't mind it so much when Mark went emo. I want to make it clear, he went emo, not goth. They might have been going for goth but they got emo. Maybe that's why I can laugh about it, I see myself as more of a goth than an emo, though I like to see myself as nothing anyway. Not nothing, but no social clique like that. The extremeness of it, and often absurdity, it just ended up being quite fun, especially his friend. Damn I loved that guy.

And who could forget Wilson, wonderful, wonderful, Wilson. He was one of the things that made the show absolutely amazingly wonderful and amazing. He was always there to help a friend in need, usually Tim but sometimes the others to, and he said the most wonderful things. I learnt an awful lot of life lessons just by watching this show, and listening to Wilson.

This show really did have a lot for everyone, and at just over 200 episodes, there's just about enough of it. Although I will admit that I still haven't watched the last ever episode. I could just never bring myself to do it. I'm not the only one that's felt like that either, there's someone who still hasn't read the last comic in a series because he just doesn't want it to end.

Home Improvement really is a barrel of laughs, love, and life, and that's really a barrel I'd like to open.

Don't think I forgot about the tool girls by the way, it's just that really, I couldn't think of where to put them, and what to say about them, other than that I preferred Heidi to Lisa, but that might just be that Debbie Dunning seemed to be a better actress to Pamela. Lisa had her moments, but Heidi seemed to have more, plus how Brad got around her was kind of creepy sometimes. But hey, that's teenage boys for you.

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