Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Education, Education, Education.

The subject of tuition fees is an old one, but one I cannot do a rant on current education reforms and not do. I don't like tuition fees, and I think they shouldn't exist at all. They are relatively new, brought in by our great God Tony Blair before he reascended to Valhalla after doing battle with The Sun. Kudos if you get the joke. Still, these things are young, and they need to be stopped now people, now.

Education should be free to all those that want it, even at university level, maybe even more so there. Sure, maybe have a contingency plan where you have to pay if you don't succeed, it'll give extra incentive to make people want to do good, and I am aware that education probably isn't cheap, but education is necessary, in whatever form, and we are constantly learning. 

Improving a persons education should be seen as an investment in theirs, and everyone's, futures. The more educated a person is, the more likely they are to get a better paid job, become more successful, and pay in more taxes, rather than being paid by the taxes, not that I have anything against people on benefits, some people genuinely need them, you can't judge them all just because of the actions of a few layabouts, much as most people like to. Sure, there's a chance the smarter you are, and the more money you make, the easier it is for you to avoid tax, but that's an issue for the government, who I think should be harsher about all that stuff anyway.I read that a company, I can't remember specifically which, was avoiding 6 billion in taxes, when that is our deficit, if you go to them, and make them pay that, bam, deficit sorted. Even if that is just a pipe dream, and the deficit is more than that, or whatever, there is more than one company avoiding tax, collect it, and swim in it.

Back to the original point that caused me to want to write. I was checking out the news today, and one thing I read is that the Government IS planning more education reform, but sadly once again, one students do not want. This is a direct excerpt from the BBC News website, which is where I learnt about this story, for more on it, go there! 

"Students reacted angrily, with the president of the National Union of Students, Aaron Porter, warning that many students would face "complete market chaos and real uncertainty about their universities and courses".
The president of Oxford University Student Union, David Barclay, said : "Dressing up the White Paper with the language of student choice is like putting lipstick on a pig... Education is not a commodity to be bought and sold.""
And you know something folks? I agree totally. Education is NOT a commodity, it's not a business, it's not something you can buy or sell, it's a RIGHT. A GOD DAMN RIGHT. You cannot say that you want these places to act like businesses, one of the worst things I read on that article was that all universities are in the private sector, they should be in the public sector. Universities are a form of education, and like all education, should be free and easily accessible. 
Personally I'm looking forward to more student strikes, and or riots, it'll be good because it seems the strike planned for this Thursday might not go ahead after all, but I do think, if there was one, both about this and on Thursday, it would be entirely justifiable, and it'll probably get ugly. 

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